Dove: The Beauty Legacy

As a woman how do you see yourself? 
Do you love your body, do you see your self worth?
As a mother how do you see yourself?
Do you love your body, do you see your self worth?

Today I felt crummy about the way I looked. We all have those moments, right, that moment when you look in the mirror and all you see is everything thats wrong with you. When we were children we embodied boldness, confidence, love for one another. We never looked at our thighs and thought "Wow they're pretty big!" As a child we focused on the positive never focusing on the negative...we were invincible!

Somehow as we grew we began to see the negative. The "flaws" that never bothered us before. Like the way we thought we could sing even in the loudest pitch, knowing goodness well we were the worst singers on planet earth! How about the way we could walk into the room and didn't care if anyone was looking at us, judging us. Somewhere in the midst of our childhood we started to have self-doubt about the way we looked or acted. We learned it from somewhere it did not form overnight. You may think it have came from the media or the children at school who may have bullied or picked on you. But I believe it came from somewhere very close to home....your parents.

 "With the Dove: Legacy film we are encouraging everyone to create their own positive beauty legacy, so the girls in their lives grow up feeling confident about the way they look and reach their full potential in life."

As a girl and even now I look up to my mom. In my eyes she's beautiful. Her smile radiates the world. Her voice speaks volumes and I value every word. As I grew into a woman I noticed how she would say little things that degraded herself. I would compliment her and she would go into an awful spat on how she hated this and disliked that! I started to think "Ok, if mom doesn't like this about herself, well people often say we look alike, so am I not supposed to like this about myself too!"  I know my mom never meant for her dislike for certain features to resonate with me...but it did.

"Mothers the way you define yourself really resonates with your daughter."

How you feel about yourself affects how your daughter see's herself. Your voice echoes in her ear. When you speak words that belittle how you look, it echos that she also is not good enough! She sees you in herself and if you do not like the way you look....then why should she! You may not realize this but she is looking and she is hearing. She is soaking it all in. She is building up what beauty is being defined as in her mind

Its time for YOU to see the beauty in yourself so SHE can see the beauty in herself!

When I have a daughter, I want her to see the beauty in me not the "flaws." I want her to know that she is beautiful. My features are her features. You need to embrace and love all of YOU! 
Love who you are. Make that your beauty legacy!

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