Holiday Makeup Look + Tutorial!!!


The Holidays are here again, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, its time to get bold with new makeup looks. So with the start of winter just around the corner I was inspired to do a makeup look with frosty whites, midnight blacks, and black glitter eyeliner! Yes I said glitter eyeliner!!!
This tutorial is for those that want to add a little drama to the holidays!

Step by Step 
 1. Apply a frosty white to your entire eyelid. I used Maybellines Color Tattoo in Too Cool as the base and a silver eye-shadow from my BH cosmetics palette to set the colors so it will last all day long.

2. Apply a black eye-shadow to outer corner. In Rotated V-shaped put a black eye-shadow on the outer corner up into your crease.

3. Blend Girl, Blend!!!!

4.Use a transition color in your crease.For a transition color, I used a color close to my skin color or a little lighter in the crease.

5. Blend Everything until it looks smooth and cohesive.

6. Make your eyes pop! If  needed add more eye-shadow to the parts where it needs to be more vibrant and noticeable!

7.  Apply highlighter on your brow bone. Add a white eye-shadow underneath your eyebrow to raise the eyebrow up!


9. Line your top lid. With a glittery black eyeliner or just a simple black eyeliner line close to your lash line.

10. Apply white on your bottom lash line half way.With a smaller brush or an angle brush put the white eye-shadow you used on your lid and line your lower lash from your inner tear duct to the middle of your eye.

11. Apply black on the rest of your bottom lash line. With another or the same brush line the other half with black.

12. Blend it all together to make it all look like one complete look. Add some lashes or mascara and you're done!

Products I used
1.BH Cosmetics Hollywood Eyeshadow and Blush Palette here
2.Maybelline Color Tattoo in Too Cool here
3.Elizabeth Mott Your So Fine Eyeliner here

I hope you  like this eye look and tutorial. I had so much fun creating it and I hope you will too! Whether its for the holidays, a girls night out, or a date night with your boo thang, you are sure to get some major complements.
 So rock this look like you mean it!!!

If you do recreate this look I would love to see it on my Instagram here, just add @colorubold to your pic so I can see your beautiful face!


  1. This look is gorgeous! I'm definitely going to try it this year (a little too excited for Christmas!)

    1. Aww Im so glad you liked it! And I cant wait to see it!!!

  2. Awesome tutorial!! I love the glitter eyeliner! I'm thinking of trying something like this for Christmas this year :) I also really like the Maybelline Color Tattoos- I have the Bad to the Bronze love wearing it for an easy everyday look!

    From the Desk of J

    1. Thank you so much! Im digging that eyeliner too it so glam without trying to hard! I would love to see what you come up with, I know you will look gorgeous! I also have the Bad to the Bronze and I must say I wear it wayyyy to much haha!

  3. This is so pretty! Thank you for the detailed pictorial! You are flawless :)
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  4. Wow I love these look, you look so beautiful. xx