Issa Rae: A Voice to Be Heard!

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I had the great honor of being in the presence of Miss Issa Rae at Old Dominion University in
Norfolk Va. Her speech reached the multitude in that room and I took a much needed lesson from that night, a lesson I feel the world needs to hear...

 Issa Rae is one of the many voices of  black women trying to make it in the entertainment business or any career for that matter. With her cut and dry humor she began with a funny and true story about a woman who disliked the fact that she, a white disabled stripper, was being depicted in such a bad light. Now this crazy story helped to bring around her whole speech...lets continue shall we!

As black women in today's culture we are depicted as rude, rambunctious, loud, and sometimes threatening. I mean take for instance Bad Girls Club or Real Housewives of Atlanta. These are pretty good facts. However, as a society we fail to realize that not all black women are like this. Not all black women want to live their lives as this type of stereotype, especially to get ahead in a career! We was not always looked upon in this type of light. Yes we had those stereotypes but we also showed that we could be fun, nurturing, loving and leaders. We had a voice at some point or another but it seemed to have gotten lost in the masses.

Issa Rae spoke about how in the 1990's  the portrayal of black people took a turn for the better. No longer was it about the "black ghetto person" or the "poor black family" the entertainment business opened up, showing more strong black women and men and loving black families that not only showed a single mother trying to raise a bunch of kids, but they showed real families with an actual father presence...I'm sure people's minds was blown from this reality!  The 90's created diversity in the black television community that the world had never seen before. Mostly because there were more black writers and not just another race depicting what "black society" was really like. 

Issa Rae believes in diversity in the entertainment business. One of the  reason she started writing was to give a voice to black people, that was often times shown in a somewhat "skewed" light. Her passion for writing began at such a young age. She wrote many scripts...some that have been tossed out, criticized and seen as "too black." As the 90's and early 2000's went out and shows such a Family Matters, The Bill Cosby Show, and My Wife and Kids came to a close. The lack of diversity in mainstream television began to dissipate and the role of reality tv came to the forefront. Which led many to believe that black women were rude, mean and always having a chip on their shoulder....*cough, cough Omarosa.* This depiction did not capture Black women as a whole. These type of women were only a few of the millions of black women in this world. We was known as "ratchet" and "ghetto," only appealing to poor minorities. We forgot about the well educated, powerful black leaders, actors and actresses that made it possible for us to be on the screen in the first place.

“I get tired of hearing that we don't appeal to a ‘broad audience,’ whatever that means.
- Issa Rae

As a whole we are slowly growing in the fight to add diversity into the media again, little by little though. Look at Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder, Thursday's have never looked so powerful to me! On top of that a black woman, Shonda Rhimes, started these amazing shows, not to mention the hit show Grey's Anatomy!  On Fridays you see the latinas in full force with Cristella. Also Co-created by a Latina, Cristela Alonzo. I remember when George Lopez and My Wife and Kids was on back to back, I couldn't wait to sit down and watch those shows! It made me aspire for greater things. I seen a loving black family on tv that was kinda like mine in a way. I loved watching real television like that....I miss those types of shows.

We have a long way to go to getting all diversity on the tv screen let alone movie screen. I want to see Asians, Indians, and Native Americans making a debut on the screen. Its time for other races, ethnicities, and cultures to be depicted in the right more stereotyping!

Everyone should have the right to feel represented!
-Issa Rae 

Issa Rae is an amazing Black Woman who is helping others such as herself find a voice. We have a voice louder than the stereotypes you may see. We are shouting to the world for change! 
Will you shout with us?

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