You will be Ok!

"There is Light even in the darkness"

What does this quote mean to you? Are you going through some dark times right now. Do you not see the light in your dark place? My prayer for you is for you to know that it will be OK. No it won't be easy, yes there will be many challenges but YOU WILL BE OK! You are being molded. Tended to like a plant, you are being watered to grow into a beautiful flower! 

Trust your higher source! 
Trust your God for deliverance!
You are a VICTOR not a victim!

"Although I fear, I will trust you..."


  1. I will be OK! I needed to hear this today. :)

    1. I'm so glad you was able to be touched by this message! I know I'm doing my job when I can help brighten someone else's day! You will definitely be OK :)