Monday Motivational: Worry vs. Trust

Life can really get you down. I know that all to well but over the past couple of months and as I look back over my year I've learn to realize that I am not in control of  everything. Somethings will come, some people will go, some changes will be made to our lives that is just beyond our control. Instead of trying to fix it, instead of worrying yourself and stressing over what YOU can do...I want you to do one thing.....

Prayer has gotten me through many of hardships! Got a bill in the mail and don't know how you'll worries, let go and let God! Got an incurable disease doctors say you'll never get worries, let go and let God! An end to a relationship has gotten you way down, NO WORRIES, LET GO and LET GOD! I know its hard trust me it's a constant struggle but if you will hand over the worries of yesterday into YOUR GOD'S hands he will work it out for YOUR GOOD!

Now I'm not saying that its going to be easy, that worry will creep up on us everyday, every minute but when it do say "I know my God, he is victor of all things, I will trust You!" As simple as 1, 2, 3! If you have done all that you can do, looked at all the resources, talked to all the have done everything. The rest is up to God!


You can't do everything that is why we have a God (whoever that is in your life)! We are not in control of everything but the things that we are in control of do your best to work with that. Pray, believe, trust your higher source for a breakthrough, for deliverance!

Why worry over something you can't control! 
What is worrying doing for you....Nothing but making you sicker, making you sadder, making you live a less than abundant life. God does not want you to worry...he wants you to BELIEVE!

Life and Death is in the Power of the Tongue! 

In the Comments below: Simply type this..."I will trust"


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    \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 I love this motivational message. I am optimistic but sometimes you can't help but worry especially if it takes a long time for your prayers to be answered. But really, once you have given your all, God will do the rest. Thanks for the inspiration.}

    1. Thank you, Im so glad you enjoyed it and got some inspiration :) That is so true its hard but we always got to remember God is in control and its all going to work out according to his plan!

  2. I love this!! God truly has his ways and with Him all things are possible. Love the post and and love the blog! Keep it up! <3 much love!!

    Evelyn. -Met you on twitter's #usbloggerchat --Coming by to say hi!

    1. Yes I all things are possible through him...I LOVE that scripture quote btw!! I'm so glad you like my post and my blog it really means a lot and I'll continue to keep it up :)