My Journey 2014: A Year In Review

This year has been a world wind of ups and downs...mostly ups! You know when God puts road blocks in your way, he puts them there for a reason. We may not know why or how we keep coming to adversity but I can tell you one thing...WE ARE COMING OUT!
God know's what he is doing...let him do it!

Every Story that ends has a new beginning!

At the start of this year I had finally made it passed my first semester yet again for Nursing! I was determined to finally make it pass the one thing I felt was quite a hindrance in my life. I tell ya when I started nursing school, I didn't have a goal in mind. Just get my degree and start working...that's it! I never dreamed my life would turn around and turn around for the better! I made a decision that first week in nursing school that it just was not for me...I had bigger and greater things God wanted me to do! I just didn't know it. I had anxiety from the moment I start nursing school to the very end. When I made that decision a relief fell over me like a flood of water! I knew right then and there this was a start of something beautiful...Things were about to change!

Fast Forward some months, I got a job, I started bettering my blog and really enjoying every minute of my life. Did you notice my new design! I got off of anxiety pills...I was a whole new me. It didn't stop there I still had depression so I began to change myself. I had to figured out how I could live a more productive and happy Life because God didn't get me out of one thing to put me in to something that wasn't going to be fulfilling. I started reading Joel Osteen's book, Best Life Now, and started listening to a podcast called Life is A Marathon. I highly recommend these if you are ready to change your life!!! My life took a literally 360! I started to believe for favor and deliverance. I declared over my life great abundance and a flood of blessings issued!

Now on to my great blessings! I can only give Thanks to God for all of my blessings that have taken place in a matter of a couple of months!

Best Buy #Hinting Season!!!
One little tweet changed my life! I felt overwhelmed with joy and humbled by God's Great Love! *Even now I get teary eyed*

I got everything I ever wanted...laptop, CAMERA, printer, tripod, laptop bag, software...did I mention I got a CANON 70D CAMERA!!!! Now you see why my photos be looking the!!

Eddy and Sarvin were the best! They took time out to really make sure I knew everything about all the gadgets I got!

I started Instagram!!!
My first instapic was of this road captioned "The Journey has just begun" little did I know It was about to turn my life upside down!

Never in a million years would I ever expect I would be in Seventeen Magazine, but I believed one day I would be...I just didn't know when! IT HAPPENED, this is only the beginning!
Why these big ole lips and brown hands in your magazine...I SAY YESSSS Ma'am!!!

I met amazing Bloggers and discovered new Blogs!!!

There were so many more so if I forgot your name please "Charge it to my head not my heart" as my mom always says ;)

I was featured on other Bloggers Pages!!!
I want to collab with many more in 2015!
I was too scared to reach out at first but 2015 is the year for breaking fears and overcoming obstacles!!! I'll soon be collaborating with the fabulous Alex Briggs from Chicademics!!!

So I hope you stuck with me! Its a pretty long post, I know, but I just had to share with you my Year! I want to let you all know that you too can experience the great awesomeness of your God! Keep believing, Keep the faith, Keep declaring blessings over your life and STAY HUMBLED!

This is just the beginning you guys and girls! I've honestly never been this excited about my future. I hope you join me in the New Year on my new journey! I'm so thankful for all who have stayed with me even to the very beginning!

  I can't do any of this without you all! You all are my blessings!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE! I'm wishing you great blessings, love, and peace in the New Year and I'm declaring over YOUR life that you will have great abundance in 2015!

Tell Me in the comments below: 
What blessings (big or little) have you encountered this year?!?
I want to hear your awesome blessings too :)

Connect with me and continue on this journey with me!


  1. I loved this post! Your story reminds me so much of my own, I'm happy for all the great things that happened to you and I know you're capable of great things. Our journey has just begun, we'll make 2015 our best year yet!


    1. Thank you so much!!!! I greatly appreciate your support for me and my blog! Our journey is going to be a great journey in 2015 and beyond!!!!

  2. I'm pretty sure I had a smile the whole time I read this post. I'm so happy for you and all the great things that happened for you this year! I'm sure even bigger and better things will come in 2015. :D It's been quite a year and I'm just thankful to be where I am today: I have a roof over my head, great friends and family, the opportunity to go to a great college and I've become apart of a great blogging community! What more could I possibly ask for? I hope you have a Happy New Year Jasmine! (:

    Lots of Love,

  3. AH! I love it!! Thank you so much for including me in this!!!! YOU'RE THE BEST!!!! And holy cow, you've had one AWESOME year! I hope my blogging year looks that awesome in the next year or 2 to come! I will definitely have my hands full with a baby on the way but I can do anything!! :) And I had no idea you had such faith in God. It's great to see. I plan to talk more about my walk with God as well. :) Have a wonderful New Year! I cannot wait to see what else is in store for you!
    Much love,

  4. Aw thanks so much for the shout out! This past year has been such a journey and I seriously can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for us bloggers!! :D


  5. great post!! May the good lord continue to smile on you xx

  6. I'm so happy you had a great year!! And how awesome that you got such amazing things from best buy! I'm very happy we've "met" and I appreciate all the love & shout-outs you give me. Thanks so much for mentioning me in this post!! I'm excited to see how both our blogs progress in the new year. I hope you have an even better 2015! Sending love & happiness your way Jasmine :)

  7. I am honoured to have been featured Jas, you have been such an inspiration to me this year, I cannot thank you enough. This post was nothing short of amazing, never a dull point and I love the style it's so true. Never change that! Love u girly xx

  8. Every day for me was a blessing in 2014 and still is (: I can't wait to see what the future holds this year!

  9. heyy!
    came back to tell you that I featured you on my "Monthly favourite blogs"
    you have s tunning blog!:)

    check it out here!