Naughty vs Nice: 2 Makeup Looks with BH Cosmetics!!!

 I don't know if you should but I LOVE me some BH Cosmetics! They are the first cosmetics company that I started with! They started my whole addiction and fascination with makeup! They are always having amazing sales so when Cyber Monday came around I had to hop on these amazing deals! I posted it on my Instagram here! Go ahead and follow me ;) This whole month has been sale after sale with BH Cosmetics matter of fact their having a sale now here!

My BH Cosmetics Haul!

10pc Sculpt and Blend Brush Set: These babies give me a flawless finish! I've been loving them, they are super soft too! What I love about these are that you can play around with all of the brushes and decide which works best for you!

12 Piece Wild Makeup Brush Set: I've been wanting to get some more brushes for a while and whats great about these are that they come in a little pouch perfect for traveling! Their having an amazing bundle deal check it out here!

Forever Nude Sculpt and Glow: I love the highlight and blush! It gives me that glow I need! Unfortuantly the sculpt or dark brown colors still aren't deep enough for my skin. I really hope they can come up with deeper colors for dark skinned women! *Fingers Crossed* because I really like this concept!

Forever Nude Makeup Palette: I love Pink so when I seen this palette I had to get my hands on it! So many beautiful colors and the lip colors work with my skin tone. Perfect for traveling and great to put in your purse on the go!

Dark Rose Eyeshadow, Blush, and Liquid Eyeliner Palette: I've been needing some new eyeliner so when I saw these 3 in 1 palette I had to get it! I love their eyeliner and I absolutely am in great lust after there eyeshadow and blush!!

Santa is almost here so I need to do something in honor of him coming right! So you know I cant leave you without doing a makeup look featuring all of these items!

I'm on the Naughty List!
Sometimes you feel like being a bit bad but you are still a good girl right! Lets get bad with our makeup. With this dark look you are sure to get heads turning! I used the Dark Rose Makeup Palette from above! I used Sparkly greys and blacks to create a gradient effect on the eyelid! I used the maroon color as my transition color and the dark purplish blue in my crease and outer corner. And you know I had to top it off with my eyeliner for that fierce feline look!

Get on Santa's good side with this Good Girl Look!
Ok so we don't want coal in our stockings so lets get on Santa's Good side! I used the Forever Nude Palette for this one! I practically used all of the eyeshadows! The frosty white and light purple/pink eyeshadows I put on the lid! While I used a mauve color in the crease as my transition color! I deepened the outer v-shape with a dark brown color! I high lighted with the frosty white under my eyebrow!

Either List you choose to be on...Rock it with the fiercest confident! 

In the comments
Which look did you like Naughty or Nice
Would you recreate these looks?


  1. Wow I love this post, You look so beautiful. you don't mind me asking you .. What is your background?

    1. Thank you soooo much!!! I don't mind telling you at all! No shame in my game! The white backdrop is just a white curtain and the black one is just a black blanket haha very inexpensive lol and maybe a little ghetto but u gotta work with what u got lol! Let me know if u try it out ;)

  2. I love this post girl both these looks are simply gorgeous

  3. Oh you're so skilled with make ups! Beautiful eye make up there.

    1. Aww thank you!!! I want to do more easier tutorials so you and others can learn too :)

  4. i can't decide which is my favourite!
    you have a great talent:)

    ( IG : @Konstantina.A )

  5. I love both of these looks, you are so talented! Since I'm all for dramatic and bold, I'd probably rock Naughty every day haha it's beautiful and looks gorgeous with your eye colour :) xx

  6. I love me some BH cosmetics!! Those brushes look fab!!