The Ultimate Guide to Gift Giving: Part 2


You missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday but did you hear about Super Saturday!!! Big Deals and discounts will be the hotspot this weekend! I know some of you just can't and won't get out in that holiday mess....I'm with you! So I'm here to help you pick out the best gifts without going crazy or broke. If you missed my Ultimate Guide to Gift Giving: Part 1 here!

First Let me Give you some TIPS on Last Minute Shopping!

Tip 1: Shop online for that fast and easy shopping experience! Yes you can still shop online. There are many websites hosting OVERNIGHT Delivery this weekend, you don't want to miss out on that!

Tip 2: Its OK to RE-GIFT! Seriously if you have something that you have never used and feel that person would love it, go for it!!! You never know they were probably eyeing the same thing ;)

Tip 3: Get your Creative Juices Running! Yep that's right its time to whip out those ribbons and super glue guns that you haven't used in forever. Something you put effort in really speaks volumes!

Yes we all procrastinate but that's why we have online shopping!
I.Websites Doing Overnight Shipping!

 1.Amazon is making waves this christmas with free US shipping today only!  They also have a list of ordering cutoffs to choose from here! You can get items from sports, to electronics, to jewelery! But always look to make sure its a legitmate dealer, I don't want anyone getting ripped off!!! Check reviews, positive, AND negative comments!


2.Urban Outfitters This website will literally ship your purchases in 2 days on all orders over $75! Not to bad considering they have everything you need from men, women, children, to home decor! They even went as far as to give you a gift guides of there own here!!!


3.Nasty Gal Another shopping website getting you awesome gifts just in time for the holidays!!! They have 70% off going on right now so you can pack stocking stuffers with goodies for as low as $2 here! FYI I feel I'll be shopping here myself ;) BONUS!!! They also have a gift guide for all of your family too, click here! They even have gifts for your pets....cue the puppy dog eyes awwww!


You can find more just by googling "websites with holiday overnight shipping" or go to your fave websites and see if they have a special deal...9 times out 10 they are having a good sale too ;)

Re-gifting Isn't a Bad thing!
 II. Here are my Rules for Re-gifting!

*Don't tell'em that you re-gifted! Some people can be quite unkind about you re-gifting because they find it uncaring. But if you know someone re-gifted something don't see it as a bad thing! Think  of it like this: "This is really sweet that they gave me something that they thought was better suited for me, that shows they know me more than I knew!"

*If a parent or family member gave it to you don't re-gift it! If it is something sentimental you definitely want to keep keep that Christmas sweater your grandma made ;)

*If its something you used, PLEASE DON'T RE-GIFT! Sharing is Caring but don't give away something that you used and especially if its noticeable. Put that blender back where you had it we can see the food still stuck in it ;)

(Whew that's a lot of sentences with the word re-gift right?!?)

We all are Creative so lets get Creative!
III. Show your family and friends you care with these cute DIY Finds!

1.DIY Sharpie Mugs: Put your drawing skills to good use and write a touching or fun quote on a mug your mug of choice! I love this very detailed DIY by Living Well Spending Well here! Like she states its not dishwashable so tell them that!!!!

2.Memory Jars: This one is soooo cute!. Memory jars are great for your BFF or sister so that they can look back over their year, that's coming up, and realize how blessed they truly are! They write down on little slips of paper good things that occurred during the year! A year of gratitude ayye! I found this gift suggestion on one of favorite blogs Simply-M!  Check out how to do it here! I love how she really made it compliment her sisters personality! She's doing blog-mas for Christmas as well, I've been really enjoying her posts!!! Check them out here :)

3.Mason Jars Ideas: Get out your mason jars for this one! I love the idea of putting your creative touch on these bad boys! You can put candy in them for all your foodies out there to creating your own mixture of spa ideas such as body and lip scrubs! This site has tons of ideas for you...51 to be exact! Click here!


I hope you all enjoyed my Ultimate Guides to Gift Giving Part 1 & 2 as well as my Gift Guide Under $50: Makeup Lovers! I've enjoyed helping you get all you need for that special day, heck I've even gotten some ideas myself ;)

Remember: Gift giving comes from the heart! It's not a gift if you expect something in return, that being said give out of the goodness of your heart! Don't look at this as being a task, have fun with it, come up with creative gift ideas, make funky gift wrapping paper for your gift, send a loving note with it! Those small things will send love into your family and friends heart!

In the comments below: Tell me what was your favorite ideas from all of my Guides! What is your favorite thing about gifting??


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  2. Some Brilliant ideas here Girly - love the post, thanks for the tips :)


    1. Great! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading my post and getting inspiration :)

  3. I joined Human Nature as social entrepreneur and I also encourage online shopping among my friends. It's very convenient. :)

    Thanks for another great post.This has been helpful.

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  4. Such a good post! Really love the sharpie mug idea and mason jars, very creative!

    Priya Odette :)