The Ultimate Guide to Gift Giving: Part 1

 I'm sure we all will be doing a little holiday shopping this weekend but I know some of us may not like the long lines and crazy people with carts! I've become quite addicted to getting tons of items online so I want to share with you some of my favorite sites to shop for all of your family...Lets get started!!!!

Quirky is for all your tech lovers out there. Yeah you know the ones...The ones that have all the latest gadgets. The ones that will spend an arm, a leg, and part of there foot to get the newest techs and inventions on the market!

They have a sale now starting from $1 up to $20! Great for stocking stuffers. And if you really have the money you can also pick out some really cool gadgets that no one else has!

Here are some of the items that I'm loving from Quirky!

1. Digits Conductive Finger Pads for Gloves:
 Great as a stocking stuffer. These bad boys allow you to type on your phone without having to get frost bitten!

2. Power Curl-MacBook Cord Wrap
This is great for the techy that is always trying to find his or her cords for their Mac Book! Now they'll never lose it and you don't have to keep reminding them to keep things organized...BONUS!

3. Porkfolio
This bit of cuteness is not only adorable but Its smart too...literally! It connects to your phone to track your balance and help set goals! Get this one for the one that can never keep track of their balance...Now that's one smart piggy!
4. Crossover For Iphone
This little case is so secure that you can put a credit card in it! This one is for the person always losing something or cant keep track of things like there grocery list...GUILTY! They can put anything from cards to money back there with out the worry of it coming out! But I would suggest not laying your phone around just anywhere!

These are only a few  of the amazing inventions they have! They have so much more from tech gadgets, organization products, to kitchen items that will save tons of money! So go crazy but not to crazy its just the holidays ;)

This website has everything you need to pick from! All you have to do is sign in!
(I used my facebook account)!
Then you can customize what you want! 

Your Coffee Lovers will love this! These mugs are for all different personalities, I mean you literally do not have to shop anywhere else! I just typed coffee mugs into the search bar and came up with the most adorable mugs on planet earth!!! Click here for more!

Here are some that I love!

1.Into Focus Mug:
This one is for the photographers in your life! I seriously wouldn't mind this!

2.Decodyne Morning Mug:
This mug changes when it gets hot, that is soooo cool right! 

3.I like Warm Hugs Smiling Olaf Mug:
Isnt this too cute, I watched Frozen for the first time and let me just say, I need an olaf mug!!!

 OGorgeous with Blogilates
For all Your Fitness Junkies, first of all I envy them and second of all I got you covered if you're shopping for a health and exercise nut!

Here are some that I love!

1.Dream it Do Detox Water Bottles
These are so cute! Makes me want to drink more water I don't know about you!

2.Train Like a Beast Look Like a Beauty Sweater
This is perfect for the winter not only will she look super cute exercising but she can look cute when she's not. PERFECT!

3.Blogilates Fit Journal
This Journal is heaven sent! Its perfect for the girl who loves writing her fitness progression down! And with this comes an amazing offer for one heck of a deal so go check this one out!

I hope you enjoyed part 1 of my Ultimate Guide to Gift Shopping! The websites and the products mentioned were things that I would love to get for my family and I may just will ;) so you know when I check for the ultimate gifts their coming from the one and only...ME!!!

In the comments below: 
Tell me which website is your favorite! Do you think you will be shopping there for your next gift...or a gift for yourself?

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  1. Wow lovely post i love qircky things like this xx

    1. Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it! Quirky things are the best :)


  3. Seriously I'm the worst trying to left comments on the cellphone :(

    I really need.those gloves my hands are always freezing .. I use to had a Waneloo account I think I'm.going to open it again

    Xx abril

    1. haha no worries me too and the gloves are awesome! Yes definitely get on that because I seriously can't get enough it literally has everything you'll ever need :)

  4. Really awesome post! I really need those gloves, especially during this time of year. I always end up pulling my thumb out of my glove to use my phone...looks really weird. xD I think atm Wanelo has to be my favorite online store for misc. stuff, but I'm gonna have to check out this Quirky site!

    Lots of Love,
    Manpreet @

    1. Thank you! OMG I do the same thing or I just make a whole in my gloves haha so sad! Yes I just bought somethings from Quirky and I cant wait to get them and maybe play "show and tell" haha!!!