The Winter Tag!!!!

How was everyone's Christmas? Did you all get all that you asked for? Me?!? I had a great Christmas filled with love and family! I loved taking a minor break from all social medias for the holidays but now I'm back and what a great way to get back into the hang of things than a Tag!

I was tagged by the lovely Kat from The World Through Kat's Eyes to do the Winter Tag.  This awesome blogger also did it hereWinter is here whether we like it or not! So lets get into the winter spirit!!!

1) What's your favourite seasonal drink from either Starbucks/Costa or your cafe of choice?
 I'll be honest I don't go to Starbucks but "once and a blue moon" and I've never heard of Costa! But I do love a good cup of coffee made by me! I'm super simple some vanilla creamer and substitute sugar and I'm in heaven! Thank God for Kuregs right?!? Oh but how I would love to make a cappucino like this! My brother always teases me with these pics from his local cafe...lucky!

2) What accessories do you opt for? Scarf/boots/gloves?
All 3 it's cold out there! I 've been loving my  combat boots from Forever 21 though! I recently just bought some brown boots and I'm in love! Its super chic and comfy, I can literally wear them all day! I usually steal my ma's scarves but I would love to get me a nice blanket scarf one that will match with anything and everything. They can be quite high!  

3) What's your favourite tunes for this time of year?

I'm not a real big Christmas music fan but if its on, I'm jammin! I love soulful romantic music, its so calming. One song I'm loving right now has got to be Ariana Grande's Santa Tell Me! Ahhh girl got pipes!

4) What scent or perfume do you find yourself favouring this time of year?

I'm always into fruity smells but this season I'm into the grown and "smexy!"  I live for my Ralph Lauren  perfume in "Romance." OMG smells so good and I'm always getting complimented on it!  

5) What candle's will you be burning this season?

I can never go wrong with a vanilla scent!

6) What is it you love most about winter?
Oh there is so many things to love about this wonderful winter...I mean who loves that amazing feeling of being half frozen...well besides Elsa! Ok I'm being sarcastic but I really do not love the winter that much. But I love being able to get in the warm at all cost! Being next to the fire place drinking a good hot cup of coco...Mmmmm I gues there is something to love about the winter!

7) Your favourite make-up look for Winter?
My Makeup routine always is taken up a notch in the winter! I can put on all the foundation I want and I don't have to worry about it running off my face! I'm really experimenting with lipstick...just because you are a dark skin tone doesn't mean you have to be scared of the lipstick...So get out and be bold gorgeous girls!!!

8) What are you most looking forward to this winter?

Hmmm let me think for winter to be over haha! No to be serious I just love getting cozied up and just watch a good movie on my laptop while drinking my hot chocolate with marshmallows....NEVER. FORGET. THE. MARSHMALLOWS!!!!

 I hope you all enjoyed my questions and got to know a little more about me! 
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  1. Awesome post Jasmine, thanks for doing this. I love that we do & like similar things - just means you are super awesome by my book :)

    Merry Christmas & a prosperous NY suga xx

    1. You too! Thank you for tagging me!!! I'm glad we have some similar interest thats aways a bonus!!!! You're awesome in my book as well :)

  2. Great post Jasmine and thanks for tagging me to do it :-)
    1) I just love hot chocolate all year round but especially this time of year, so long as it's nice and hot. The Costa HC is my favourite.
    2) Definitely all 3, I love big thick scarves too, I get very cold!
    3) I don't really listen to seasonal music but I do love proper traditional Christmas carols.
    4) I can't wear perfume :-(
    5) Again candles are out for me, any scented makes me sneeze so much, but I have been loving the little battery tea lights as a cute alternative.
    6) Being cosy inside when it's freezing outside, wearing booty slippers and having a good reason to stay indoors!
    7) In all seriousness, Winter being over! I'm not a fan of the cold, the dark late afternoons and the icy cold rain, I'm just longing for summer :-)

    1. Thank you for answering!!! I enjoyed reading your answers Dani!!! Ahhh I hope one day I can try Costa, I feel like I'm missing out haha! Awww wearing perfume isn't all its cracked up to be so enjoy you beautifully natural scent girl!!! I love using the battery powered candles as well sometimes I get a little nervous having to burn them lol! I'm with you girl I'm soooo ready for summer or at least spring, I would be a "little" ok if some snow would come but all it does here is rain bahhh SUMMER WE NEED YOU!!!!

  3. Love reading tag posts, we get to find out some more about you! (: I'm not a fan of winter myself but I absolutely LOVE's bad lol. Can't wait to see what you have in store for next year! :D

    Lots of Love,

    1. Haha I love reading them too! I want to get more scarves so bad lol. Thank you me too and I cant wait to see whats in store for you as well :)

  4. Love reading and getting to know you better.

  5. What a fun post! I'm with you, I don't go to Starbucks often (and what the heck is Costa?!) I'm more of a simple coffee girl. I love those combat boots on you! I'm currently searching for a pair of those and some new cute ankle booties. But the holiday shopping traffic is still way too insane for me to really get out there and look for some. I can't stand holiday craziness/shoppers!