Game Day: For the Not So Football Fanatic!

Super Bowl is just around the corner so I thought I would give you some of me and my family's game day essentials to get you ready for the ultimate Super Bowl Weekend! 

I know some of my ladies and even gents love themselves some football but I love the idea of it! I may not be looking at it all year long but when it comes to that Super Bowl game day I got to get into the mood. Usually I'll just sit back with my family and watch the game. We'll have all the snacks and deserts, because lets be honest know one's making a feast. We cant forget about the drinks....soda that is and sometimes we like to switch it up! Of course I love to wear my fave sports team...or my brothers fave sports team to get into the game day spirit!

Now my fave part about the game is the half time show, with this year's line up I cant wait! I mean we have Katy Perry, John  Legend, and Idina Menzel! With the rumor mills flying about Katy Perry dishing out a little revenge on Taylor Swift, I hope that's not true but hey entertainment right! So if you're not a game day type of person but are forced to be apart of the game day extravagance here are my essentials for getting yourself in the mood!

5 Game Essentials for the not so Football Fanatic

1. Feast Your Eyes on Some Snacks
I love making the snacks! It's basically my way of being a part of the game without having to sit through it all the way! 
Our Fave go-to snacks are Pizza, chips, wings, and anything with bacon, Mmmm bacon!

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 2. When in doubt get the Deserts out!
My favorite part of cooking is the deserts.
Our faves are brownies, cupcakes, and cakes galore!

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3. Time to Turn up...The Healthy Way!
Now if you're like my family and don't drink its quite simple, get out your fave Sodas or you could try something different! 
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4. When in Doubt, Theme it Out!
I love having a theme. So who ever my brothers are rooting for I like to incorporate the colors into everything!  If you can pick out some with the sports team logo! 

5. Now Put on your Sunday Best!
My go-to look are some boyfriend jeans and the NFL Jersey of your choice!
The best part you can totally match with your bae, how cute!

So what do you think of my Game Day Essentials? I know we all are not Football Fanatics but whats so wrong with enjoying the festivities anyways.  With Fanatics, a sports apparal website, you are sure to get the best experience leading up to the big day. Check out all of their sports jerseys here and decide who you will be rooting for this Sunday and at the Super Bowl!!!

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Who will you be rooting for?


  1. Forever eating healthy food so this is such a distraction haha but great post girl!

  2. Lol, same here! I don't really keep up with the football season but when it comes down to the Super Bowl I just choose a team and root for them like I've been following them the whole season. xD Idk what it is about the Super Bowl but it's just so exciting! Definitely going to be rooting for the Seahawks because I absolutely hate the Patriots. :X Who are you gonna be rooting for girl? (-:

    Lots of Love,
    Manpreet || Simply-M