New Year Resolutions: The Big Why?!?

"When you have a WHY bigger than you, you can accomplish anything!"
Bruce Van Horne from Life Is A Marathon

I hope you are experiencing a great couple of days so far in the new year! How are your resolutions going? Ok maybe too soon to see!  I know we all make those resolutions or goals for the new year and many of us may stick to it but other times we may not! We wonder why we cant stick to them whether its like me, cant stick to  losing the last couple of "lbs" or maybe it's something on an even personal level! We lose that motivation we had at the start of the new year and wonder why we keep messing up! The bigger question is WHY? Why did you make this resolution? 

Your New Years Resolution will not work if your "WHY" isn't bigger than you!

A resolution is a decision or determination to take action on something

Taking action on something that you want to change because YOU are not happy with it, is just not a big enough reason. You have to look at this resolution and say "who else can I help by doing this or who else will benefit from this?" Maybe you want to lose weight because you want to look good in a bathing suit...ok but after you look good in that bathing suit what is your motivation after that. What happens after the summer is gone and you can't wear that adorable crop top or that short sleeve body-con dress. I don't know about you but when fall and winter came I reverted right back to my stubborn bad eating days! Let me say it again...IF YOUR WHY ISNT BIGGER THAN YOU, YOU WANT BE ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH IT!  You wont be able to a succeed in the long haul.

Stop having Short Term Goals
Start having Long Term Goals

So if your why is to be healthier so that maybe your family can fall in line too then thats a bigger WHY! If you want to stop smoking because you don't want to smoke around your children then guess what that's a bigger WHY! Your resolutions should not be in an act of selfishness but act of kindness to help someone around you. Maybe you just want to keep your room clean all year may ask how can that help someone me it will save your mom the trouble of arguing with you about it! 

Last but certainly not least be happy in the now! Enjoy the process of making your resolution a reality! If you are saying "I WILL be happy when" me you will not be happy. Plus you most likely will fail the resolution in a matter of a couple of weeks! BE HAPPY NOW....ENJOY THE PROCESS! 

Tips on Making and Keeping Your Resolutions!
1.Ask yourself WHY? Why do you want to do this is it something long term or just short term? 
2.Will this benefit someone that you care about? Will this benefit someone you don't know?
3.Will I be able to enjoy the process? Or am I just trying to get it over with?

My prayer for you is that your resolution or resolutions all come true this year! When your decision to act is bigger than you, YOU WILL BE UNSTOPPABLE! 

In the comments below
Tell me what is one of your resolutions(don't be scared) and tell me WHY?


  1. Stop having short term goals!! This quote is the most inspiring !
    great post!
    Happy new year!:)


    1. I'm so glad you took away something from my post! Happy New Year to you too and thank you so much for reading!

  2. love this post! I also love that planner! where is it from!?

    1. Thank you I actually got it at a walmart where I live! It was only $5 it has the cutest quotes in it :)

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  4. Such an inspiring post! I do agree that we need to stop looking at short term so often and focus on the long term now and again. I haven't really sat down and thought clearly about my resolutions/goals for this year but they have been bouncing around my head for a while. One of those goals is to work on growing my blog and making it bigger and better because it's really become something that I love to do and I hope that by making it bigger I can affect others through my writing. That's being super optimistic, but I believe it can be day! :D

    Lots of Love,
    Manpreet || Simply-M