You are a Jewel: All About That Garnet!

This week has been all about the lovely birthstone Garnet, a Gorgeous Red/Burgundy type of jewel! If you didn't see my other post on it click here and here! I taught you what this birthstone means as well as gave you some cute jewelry ideas for all my January Ladies out there. So you know I couldn't leave out the fashion and makeup!

Wearing this beautiful garnet color doesn't have to be just for jewelry take it to the heels, lips, and nails if you fancy that sort of thing!

If you are girl that doesn't like to wear red all over but just like that added pop of color well you're gonna love this fashion inspo!

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Black is the New Black
Every one needs an LBD(Little Black Dress). Pick a longsleeves for the winter like this one from Urbanog. I seriously love this dress!

Add a little mystery to your outfit with a deep oxblood red sunglasses!

I live for Houndstooth!
In my opinion Houndstooth is life! I love a good Houndstooth jacket so chic and classic! It takes an outfit from good to perfection in seconds. Everyone needs this staple piece in their closet!

Walk this Way!
This Outfit couldn't be complete without the red pumps! 

Rocking that January Birthstone
Garnet Jewels are the statement jewelry in this look! Remember in my last post Garnet Jewels give you confidence ;)

Nailed it!
I love a good nail design! If you are gonna rock a ring always have those nails on fleek!

Your Lips are Moving!
Yeah your lips are moving but all they'll see is those gorgeous lips! 
Take your makeup look to the next level!
Pair a grey smokey eye with red lips! 
If you would like to see a tutorial tell me in the comments below!
I hope you got some fashion and beauty worthy inspiration to go out and rock the January Birthstone, Garnet!

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How will you be rocking this color?!? 
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  1. How gorgeous! Love this dress on you, you look fab! Also what a stunning coat & then to top it all off with those beautiful red shoes, I love it great outfit! :)

    1. Thank you!!! I love that coat I had it in the back of my closet for a while and now I'm wondering why haha!! I love those red shoes its the perfect staple piece for any closet :)

  2. wow those shoes sure do make a statement! Love the overall look!
    -sadia x

    1. Awww thank you! Yes a red pair of heels always make a statement! Thanks for reading!!!

  3. I absolutely love the pop of colour your shoes give . It's also such a powerfull colour too. Your jacket also is such a great piece. You look so fierce in it!! Xx

    1. Thank you! Yes those shoes will make you stand out haha! I felt fierce lol!!!

  4. Love your look!!! Thank you for linking up @

    1. Thank you! Yes thank you for telling me about it :)

  5. GORGEOUS! :D I love this outfit Jasmine, even though I probably wouldn't be brave enough to even try to pull it off. Lol. You look beautiful as always and I'm loving this series! Just sucks that I have to wait another 6 months to see mine! D: Lmao, keep it up girl!

    1. Thank you!!! I think you would look great in it! I'm so glad you love the series awww don't worry it will be well worth it! If feels great getting to know other bloggers and showing them on my blog for others to see!!!!