You are a Jewel: My Fave Bloggers of the Month

Have you been looking at my You are a Jewel Series if not what are you doing with your life go on click the images below!!! I talked about the meaning behind the January birthstone Garnet and I even gave you some jewelry gift ideas and ways to wear this gorgeous color!

January Jewels of the Month
January is coming to a close and its time to feature some of my favorite bloggers born in this fantastic month!!!

Katya is such a fashionista! I'm always looking at her blog trying to find some cute outfit inspiration!   She's simply gorgeous and loves herself some red lipstick no wonder she was born in January, Garnet definitely suits her! 

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 This gorgeous beauty is Abigail from Hey Darling Love! She is so beautiful and her baby pics always gets me swooning! From the military to mommy-hood to being a faith-filled woman I simply adore her! She is such an inspiration and her funny personality will keep you locked into reading her blog, I know it has for me!!!

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Formerly known as Curves and Lashes this blogger has taken her blog up a notch! She is a mother with, let me just say, the most adorablest(thats not a word haha) little girl! She mixes up her love of beauty with her love for her little daughter its so precious! And with her new blog design you can get to see another side to her...the mommy side!

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These girls are absolutely fabulous! I enjoy reading their blogs and I know you will too! So go ahead and click on over to them and get inspired!!! While your at wish them a Happy Belated Birthday!

Happy Birthday Girls
You all are simply beautiful January Jewels!!! 
Embrace your unique selves and show it to the world :)


  1. Thank you so much, Jasmine, for your warm wishes! It is such a pleasure to be featured on your blog!!!!

  2. This is a great and inspiring post!

  3. Love this post! It's always great to support other bloggers. I'll definitely be checking these blogs out :)

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