Principles For Living Boldly: The Kayla Meuller Story

Letter from Color U Bold
Today I give you a special post written by my brother, LaTron. When he came to me about writing a blog post about Kayla Meuller I knew it would be perfect for my readers! 
Read and let this post sink into your heart, into your soul.
 This is the center of how Color U Bold came to be!
  Kayla Meuller was truly an inspiration, a brave soul. 
She embodies the aspects of Color U Bold
Color Kayla Meuller Bold

"Freedom Lies in being bold"
The Nation mourns the tragic loss of Kayla Meuller, the latest victim of the ISIS militant group. She was kidnapped in 2013 and remained captive until her death in February 2015. While we do not know the exact cause of her death, one thing reigns true. Her death was not in vain. For those of us who are alive and remain, there is much wisdom to be gained. As we join heart to heart with her family, we honor her as if we have known her all along. In some way, we have known her. We are her brothers and sisters.  With a discerning heart, we share the pain the family feels. As I learn more, I honor her and stand in awe at my personal revelation of how staying true to oneself is the foundation to living boldly.

 At the young age of 26, she left us a message that transcends time and space.  In a 2014 letter sent to her parents, she wrote:  “I have been shown in darkness, light...have learned that even in prison, one can be free.” (Read letter here) A private message made known to all, it is an age old understanding penned with the hand of youth providing eternal wisdom—even during a time of great uncertainty.
Captivity was not a deal breaker to staying true to her character. According to a statement by her family, Kayla was a humanitarian and she spent her life helping those in need of liberation and standing up for those suffering from social injustices (Read more here). Even while held against her will, she remained strong and bold. She readily interacted with her captors and even taught them new things.  She demonstrated the utmost degree of love that many of us cannot fathom. Some of us would have refused to eat, interact, and remained locked up in the cell.  The fact that the captors were open to learning and interacting with her is interesting. In my opinion, it is a testament that as one stays true to character, one can touch lives in the most unlikely of places and positions. 

 As I continue to follow her story, I struggle with the idea of calling her a victim. In my opinion she is one of those heroines sent to inspire us toward higher living—living that is not simply about personal gain. As I reached my own insight through prayer and evaluation, I could not help but reach out to ColorUBold to share this wisdom. We must all follow her lead and live a bold life. Remaining true to our character is the foundation to living boldly. She is one of many who have held the bar high pursuing a life of love, peace, humanitarianism, and remaining faithful to her character until the end. The cell was her liberation and through it we, ourselves, might become free and motivated to action.

As you honor her life, reflect on your own, and move forward, remember:

1.Find good in every situation, even when everything had gone awry.

2.Find the “bond of love” with others—like-minded people to help you as you continue along your journey.

3.Continue to push forward and remain true to your character, no matter how long it takes.

4.Be selfless and do not compromised that peace as it radiates through you into the world. Do not sway as the wind blows, quickly changing directions. Remain grounded.

5.Find your peace because in the end sometimes there is no one else. Count it all joy. Your moment of pressing, can be your liberation. In the end Kayla Meuller was truly free.

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  1. The most beautiful lessons and stories spring from the most difficult situations and once in a lifetime experiences. Thanks for sharing these lessons. They are eye openers.

  2. This young lady is a true inspiration. That quote really hits, so much wisdom there. It takes great strength and love to stay that centered in a situation like she was in. Definitely a soldier of love. She will not be forgotten. Thank you for sharing this.


    1. She definitely is! Ahhh a soldier of love, I love that! Thank you so much for reading :)

    2. She definitely is! Ahhh a soldier of love, I love that! Thank you so much for reading :)