The Dress that Broke the Internet!

Ok lets first, before I get into this, have a moment of silence for this country because we have literally gone INSANE......

The Dress Heard Round the World!
Ok now that we have had a silent cry to ourselves I will now continue. The dress, the color, the arguments, the media I cant believe this has become the top story for the last day and a half!

The Dress 
Last night I was browsing my facebook and kept noticing all the youtubers I was subscribed to, kept posting the same picture saying that them and their friends were in an uproar about the color of the dress. I looked at it and was like what is the matter with these this some kinda of weird YouTube trend that's going around. I had to get off of FaceBook it was getting annoying! Twitter was my next stop and all I seen was not tweets about "How To Get Away With Murder"...which by the way was amazing, suspenseful, and now I cant wait till next season...but about this freaking dress that was not fabulous like Lupita Nyong'o dress...that by the way got stolen (why didn't that break the internet huh) but was a regular dress I would see in a department store! My mind is boggled. I had to put my two cents in..clearly it was a white and gold dress!
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 The lovely Ari from FlashofClarity literally gave me clarity when she sent me this website here! The Dress is obviously black and blue in the picture where she is actually in the dress...I mean its a deep dark black and blue so how the heck did we Team White and Gold see the opposite!  So I took my analysis else where...yes I when scientific on this dress! Click here for the full run down of the science behind this color.

Source here
Ok so in conclusion I basically deemed it down to the camera and bad quality lighting...yep that's the photographer coming out in me! If you lower the exposure down really low and boost up the saturation you get the black and blue color...the original color! So is that what the woman did, did she manipulate the color to fool her friends hmmmm...CONSPIRACY!!!

My Attempt to see the difference
This is my attempt to debunk the white-gold argument, that I had. I lowered the exposure, boosted the saturation, increased the highlights...there you go the black and blue dress!
My Attempt at changing my own mind!

What I have Learned...THE SAD TRUTH!
The world may not care too much about the people behind these awful acts by Isis but they sure are highly interested in this dress and what color it is...and I'm one of them smh!

On another note I know people will be wanting this dress now soooo...Let's go shop!!!!
The Dress

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In the comments below
What color do you see?

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  1. I'm still so confused by this dress! Last night I clearly saw it as white and gold so I asked my family (they knew nothing about the backstory) and they said it was black and blue. We were looking at the same picture on the same screen so I was very scared that there was something wrong with me. I've read tons of bizarre explanations but nothing completely explains this.

  2. I've seen black and blue the entire time. I showed the photo to my mum and my sister, and they were both like "oh yeah, I saw that.. it's so clearly white and gold" and I was like ummm no? Haha. The whole story of this dress is so weird! When I saw it on twitter last night, I didn't see a picture of the dress, just all the tweets about the colour of some dress. And I was so lost, I had no idea what was happening! So weird!

    Sofie x

  3. I saw black and blue. I stuck with it because I figured it had something to do with the lighting and focus of the picture! I think it is crazy how one dress could break the internet!

  4. aww haha I'm glad I literally have you clarity. Thank you for mentioning me. But it is still a crazy debate! Right?!

  5. I just got asked the question about the color of the dress a few days ago and I insisted it was blue and black as that's what my eyes tell me! Funny and interesting that this debate gets so viral!


  6. It's so strange! I can see black and blue so I decided to ask my family and they all said white and gold! It's weird how the whole internet was going crazy over this dress, it was everywhere. It got everyone talking and the whole day was all about what colour is this dress? There's so many more important things happening around us that we should be talking about or trying to solve rather than the dress. It definitely took everyones attention away from the more important things around us.