You are A Jewel: Bloggers of the Month!

It's the last day of February...what?!? It's definitely been the shortest month but it felt like eternity with all the things going on this month from blog post to real life events to the infamous dress...WOW  what a February! Well although its the last day you know I couldn't forget about the February Jewels of the Month! If you missed my last post on the Jewel of the Month check it out here!

February Jewels of the Month

Isaya  from Remember Her

Isaya is one of the sweetest bloggers I know and she has one of the most empowering and positive blogs that I've absolutely love to read! When I'm down I know I can come to her blog and get motivated again! Check out this awesome post about 10 things that she wants to let go of before her birthday here! I loved reading this because its something we all need to remember when life gets too tough!

"No one said it's going to be easy but it is going to be worth it!"
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Dani from Crystal Sparkly Dreams

This gorgeous red head is also one of the kindest and  leaves some of the most sweetest comments on my blog! So when I found out it was her birthday I couldn't wait to shout her out!!! Dani's blog is a place I visit quite often especially for the delicious recipes that she writes! She also landed a great milestone on her bloglovin this week check out her wonderful thank you letter to all of her readers here!

  "Fast forward just over 15 months and I'm astounded by how much I've gained through it, like confidence, knowledge, skills, friends and most importantly all you lovely readers!"

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Claire From Pink Chick Claire

Claire is one of my newest reads and let me tell you I have already fallen in love!!! Besides the fact that she has my favorite color like everywhere on her blog but she is also a great writer and her reviews are spot on! She also has her own YouTube channel which is so awesome! I've been loving watching her My Little Box Reviews, I love that she puts her cards that she gets from her box in frames to put around her house! I absolutely loved her "5 Reasons I'm happy to be single" post check it out here for a little extra boost! While you at it check out her 2015 Birthday Wishlish here!

"One day it will happen, but until then - get yourself in a happy place, enjoy time for you and just see what happens!"

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February Girl 

Last but definitely not least the lovely Joelle! The first post I read from her was"Get Ready With Me(Honest Version" here I was seriously cracking up! With her witty humor I knew I had to continue reading her blog! I love that she doesn't take herself to seriously as a blogger and even often picks fun of some of the blogging antics that goes on which I must say I have been a part of...Check out her "How to be a legit Blogger" here to see exactly what I'm talking about! You will absolutely fall in love with her blog and her!!! Check out her "21" Post about how she is going to start chasing her dreams here

"As a teenager, I had all these amazing plans/goals/ideas, but fear of failure/rejection/looking like an idiot stopped me from really going for it. Not any more. I'm not scared of anything or anyone now." 

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Go check these girls out and say heyyy! Us bloggers love reading comments so don't hesitate to leave a friendly comment on their post!

To all my February Beauties!!!

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  1. Lovely blogs. Would love it if you could check out my latest DIY beauty post!
    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love 

  2. These ladies and their blogs sound really awesome! Thanks for sharing!