How to Look Better Tag


We all want to look better but at what cost?

Shannon T Boodram started this lovely tag and Shameless Maya from YouTube was the first one that I watched! Of course the title speaks for its self but Shannon took it and turned it around for positivity and  strength! You can literally put that question into google search(check out what I found here) and it will come up with all the ways to look better, from makeup tips and tricks to losing weight but these are physical, outer perceptions of what looking better is defined as! Its time to take a stance and look better from the inside! There is no way you can look better on the outside without first looking better on the inside! 

How to Look Better Tag
(From the Inside)

1) Look at what you’re reading or watching!
From magazines to tv shows what is it that you are taking in(you mind) everyday. Is it negative and drama filled or is it inspiring uplifting and filled with positivity! In today's society it seems to me that reality tv has fueled the fire of drama and girl shaming! And gossip websites and magazine doesn't do it any justice either. But we, right now. need to learn to look at a better vision for this world! Instead of reading those gossip magazines filled with silly nonsense instead break out a devotional or self-empowering book or podcast (My Fave Podcaster here)or turn off that reality tv and get your knowledge on with science or history shows! You never know what hobby or future career you may have by doing this! We need to know that we can be smart and educated and get somewhere in this world without throwing drinks, climbing over tables, and shaking our rumps for a little extra cash! 


2) Look at what you’re eating and drinking!
I've always struggled with eating good all the time but I tell you when you eat better you feel and look 100% better! From veggies to fruits to cutting back, even a little, on your favorite junk food can get you feeling so much better. You can find so many healthy recipes online for delicious fulfilling yet healthy alternatives to your most loved meals! WATER, WATER, WATER...If you want to take it slow drinking water then add a lemon for flavor! There are so many fun recipes online for fruit flavored water! Do what you have to do, water gets rid of all those toxins in your body. Which reminds me drinking tea is another option but not an alternative for drinking water! Drink it up!

3) Look at who & how you invest your time with!
The people you hang around makes you who you are! So look at your friends even family members and figure out are they good for you? Are they taking you to a higher level? Do they want you to succeed. If not time to limit your access with these people, THEY ARE TAKING YOU DOWN THE WRONG ROAD! The ones that are positive in your life spend more time with them! Step away from social media, text, and any other forms of impersonal communications and GET PERSONAL! Learn to listen instead of just talking!

Who are in your top five friends list?
Are they here to help you or destroy you?

4) Look at the activities you do both physically & creatively!
How are you spending your time? Are you layed up watching all that drama filled television or are you out getting your mind and body moving! Boredom sparks creativity so when you are bored get up, your laptop will not spark creativity well unless you are on pinterest and in that case get up and actually do something you pinned from your board!

Boredom Sparks Creativity!

5) Look at what you’re wearing on your head, face & body
The things you are putting on your body determines how well you treat well you treat the world!  Their are soooo many chemicals around in our beauty and hair products look into them, RESEARCH...GET THAT MIND THINKING! Nothing wrong with a good up-cycling of old clothing! Become a THRIFTER!  I'm such a thrifter and I get most of my most loved outfits when I don't spend a lot on them, so dont think for a second that recycled old hammy downs are played out. Stick to a budget, if you do like to shop find pieces that are interchangeable something you can wear for years and years! DONATE, give back to the people in your community! Someone else may need that warm jacket you had in the back of that closet that you haven't put on for years! One small act of kindness whether for an animal(not buying furs, wools, or animal tested products) or human(donate or help out) can have a butterfly effect on to the entire world!

Change one thing, Change Everything!

6) Look at what you’re fearful & ashamed of & ask yourself why & how to overcome them. 
Don't let your fears or your failures stop you from making it in this world! I believe in this 100% just because you made a mistake before do not keep reliving it! That mistake made you stronger, that failure made you who you are today! No matter what you fear go out and....COLOR U BOLD...Color this world Bold!!!

Boldness starts with first being afraid and then it shines through when you decide to step over that fear and reach the level that God has called you to be at! Write you goals down, make them plain, and then start stepping out on faith knowing you can do literally ALL THINGS!

Boldness is Action in the face of fear!

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What do you do to LOOK better?
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  1. I love this post! We gotta look from within first if we wanna change the outside! LOVE IT!

  2. I love this! You can tag me in the future and I'd happily participate. :)

    1. Thank you and tag you are it! I cant wait to see your take on this tag!!!

  3. You aways surprise me with every one of your articles, this is one the most helpful post I have seen in a long time! :) Beautiful work !

  4. I love this post!! I try and be happy and try and not let little things upset me. XoX

  5. Love this post!! Exercise is one thing that can help you look better it can help both physically and mentally