How to Style: Prints on Prints


Take your style up a notch this spring,


Prints are a fun way to change up your regular casual style. For beginners a simple pattern either on top or bottom can change up your look! But lets take it even further and MIX PRINTS on PRINTS!

That can be very scary even I was hesitant about this whole notion. I mean what if I do it wrong, what if the colors just don't go together, AND what if I look like a clown! These questions can surely keep you from stepping outside of your comfort zone. BUT WAIT it doesn't have to be. This past weekend I decided to step outside of my own fashion comfort zone and mix prints on top of prints. I stuck with a black and white theme and small in size prints so that I wouldn't get to crazy!

 The best way as a beginner(myself included) to start trusting your instincts on prints is by pairing monochromatic patterns together. You can never go wrong with black and white...ahhh the staple colors that can save you from any fashion emergency!

Here are some tips on mixing Prints without going INSANE!


1.Match prints using the same color palette
If the colors look good together then most likely the prints will work perfectly together. I'm telling you if you're not for sure just go with black and white...SERIOUSLY LIFESAVER!!!

2.The Simpler the Print the better the pairing!
Stripes, Stripes, Stripes...If all else fails go with STRIPES!  Its basically the neutrals of prints. You can pair them with alot of different shapes. If you want to get techinical try graphic prints that are more abstract in nature...but I'll stop there that will go way over your head! Graphic prints go well with animal or floral prints. Not as easy to pull off but girl does it look good! You have to really play with the style and size of these types of mixed go with the stripes or geometric shapes.
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3.Don't let your outfit look to busy!
If you feel that a print blazer over a print top is too much, space it out a little. Try a print blazer with a print pant or heels. By breaking up your prints with solid colors clothing and accessories it will calm down your look...well if you want to!

There you go 3 tips to getting you out of your comfort zone and letting your boldness shine through! Remember if you don't get it right the first time ITS OK they're is plenty more clothes wear that came from!

I want to continue to dare myself with prints so this will not be the last time you see a post like this! If you want to see floral print mixing, animal print mixing and so much more let me know in the comments below...You only get better with time, right?!

In The Comments Below
Would you dare to mix prints on prints?
If so, how would you mix prints together?


  1. I'm loving this, I especially like the arm candy :-)

  2. You rocked this outfit! Not everyone is gifted when it comes to mixing pattens up! Thank you the great tips <3

    1. Thank you! At first I didnt think I could do it haha we be surprised at what gifts come out ;)

  3. All great tips! I think that another important tip is to mix the size of the actual prints in the outfit as well.

    Rae | love from berlin

    1. Thank you and thats a great tip! I'll be trying that out next time :)

  4. Thanks for the tips, I've never mixed prints before but I might give it a go! :)

    Love From Twinkle

    1. Yesss you should totally try it out! It was my first time mixing prints so see what works best for you! You can do it!!!

  5. Girl, you look so good. Yessss hunty!

  6. I totally love your print mix outfit and also the tipps which can definitely be very helpful. And can I please have all the pieces in your collage?

  7. You are so good at this. I often go for plains or plains + prints because I'm too afraid to look to "heavy" to the eye with prints on prints.

  8. Hi Jasmine, You look gorgeous!!! I love your outfit so much. You are more than welcome to linkup any fashion, beauty or inspirational post at #LINKUPWITHLISA. It doesn't have to be only fashion :-) You can also linkup your Pinterest Party!!! It's all about helping each other out. I hope to see you again next week XO