My Quick Go-To Everyday Makeup Look


On the Go Makeup Look

Today I wanted to share with you my every day look that I've been rocking for a while! Its all about the natural and pinks with this look! Just in time for Spring! Of course it wouldn't be Color U Bold...AKA Jasmine without a little inspiration. Stay tuned till the end ;)

My Everyday Makeup Essentials

Show your beauty...Naturally!
I've been loving a clean fresh looking face with less coverage. Some days I'll go with BB cream and other times its all natural with a little pit of powder. I used to think full coverage was the way to go to have a flawless skin and although I love a good "beat face for the Gods" I also like to keep it sheer and naturally me!

1)I love my BB creams I've been slathering this lovely Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream on for awhile now! It gives me just enough coverage but still shows my skin...and I'm alright with that! I've just started a new concealer, Maybelline Face Studio Master Concealer, as well and its pretty good and stays on all day! I like to set my concealer with a light yellow highlighter from my BH Cosmetics Forever Nude Sculpt & Glow Contour Kit. It brightens my face up so much! You can also just use a light yellow eye-shadow too ;)

2)For powder I use my Lorac Oil-Free powder, I'm not to fussy over powder so this one is pretty good for me.

3)Using my City Color Contour Palette, I never really go to crazy with contour, I want it to be subtle not harsh! Some days(Most days) I don't even do it. Of course that means me looking like a young teenager but OH WELL! With an everyday face just keep it simple ladies, no need for the Kim K contour and highlight...Save that for the weekends!

Play it Pink
Playing it safe is boring change it up with pink eye-shadow...well in my case blush!

1)With the BH Cosmetics  Floral Blush Duo in Rose I used but one brush a big blending brush I got also from BH Cosmetics! This duo acts as a eyeshadow and blush palette for me! I love versatility!

  • I dusted the darker shade of pink in my crease and outer V and I used the pink highlighter for my eyelid! Blend those colors together! These colors give off a shimmery look to my eyelids which I love! I like to keep the look just on my upper lid for a quick look!
2)I can't go without my mascara and eyeliner!

3)For blush I use the same blush duo for a quick and easy on the go look!

  • The darker pink blush for the cheeks and the highlighter for my cheekbones. 
4)My lips need loving to so I love a good mauve color for my lips like my WetnWild MegaSlicks Lip Stain  in Rico Mauve to keep it pretty neutral but with slight color.

  •  I like to apply a little and then smooth it with my fingers on my lips for a natural tint! If I'm feeling a little extra I'll add more and some pink gloss on the center of my lips!

The Final Look!
The Imperfect, Perfect Me
I love this look and have been rocking it for the longest time. I often get compliments on it! It's quick and its easy. I've been able to get it done within or less than 10 minutes!

You still see my little imperfecttions like the chicken pot dot on my nose or the serious lack of eyelashes I have...Yes I'm letting it all out! I've learned to embrace the little marks on my face and  the lack of certain features I wish I could have. Although I may cover it up sometimes I never forget that those imperfecttions are what makes me...ME!  I'm perfectly imperfect which leads me too...

A Reflection
Sit down with me as I reflect...

Lately I've been at  the point where I started to compare myself to others, from bloggers to people of different races. Yep I looked at them and said why can't I be as flawless as them? Why couldn't I have their type of body, their type of hair, their lips, their success? I started to doubt myself and my purpose as we so frequently do (Check Out The Comparison Game here). I almost didn't want to post this look because I felt like I didn't fit the "norm" of what beauty is!

 I had to remind myself of who I was and my worth. My GROWTH is not their GROWTH. My LOOK is not their LOOK. My SUCCESS is not their SUCCESS! There will always be, in our eyes, someone prettier, someone with way more luck, someone who has it "all" together but we are all made perfect in the eyes of God. God does not look at the physical traits when he gives us a vision, when he gives us purpose. He crafted us in his image and his image is perfect...soooo basically we are perfect! Never forget that you are destined for greatness! You are who you are for a reason...EMBRACE IT, LOVE IT, SHOW IT!

"A Flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. 
It Just Blooms!"

In the comments below
What are your fast and easy tricks for getting your makeup done quickly?
Have you learned to embrace your imperfect yet perfect self, let me know?

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  1. I understand it can be hard not to compare yourself to others, I think its something people naturally do. However, you are absolutely beautiful and and it shows both through your awesome pictures and your writing! I also love the Maybelline BB cream although I use the one with acne treatment, I'm not sure if it's different but I love the light coverage it gives! Keep doing you, Jasmine :) <3

    1. I agree it is so hard not to but sometimes we need that extra reminder of what makes us special :) Thank you so much for your kind words Jenny!!! I've been needing to try the acne treatment one out! I may need to have a little shopping trip to my local drugstore lol!

  2. So very true, Jas! I do this a lot! We all have our own different styles that we bring to our personality that affects what we do and how we do it. When I find myself playing the comparison game, I know it's time for me to log off, remember all the times I thought everyone thought I was lame and all the times it turned out they didn't, and took a long hard look at myself and all the things that make me amazing. I think you are great and I admire you and love reading your blog. Hang tight. ;)

    1. So true! Logging off, its the best thing anyone can do! We can get so bogged down in other peoples "perfect"lives that we forget what real life is all about! Thank you so much for your kind words Tia! It really means so much to me :)

    2. You're so welcome, girl. Anytime! xoxo

  3. Jas we all fell like that, we wouldn't be human if we didn't right? It so hard these days to not self deprecate but you inspire me every day so please never stop doing you. I love the you that you are and I think ur damn near perfect!

    Loves xxx

  4. I think I want to have this palettes too, i love these colours!
    you look stunning with this makeup!:))

  5. First of all you look so beautiful! Your make up routine leaves your face even more gorgeous! And thank you for being so honest and talking about comparing yourself with others. I have that issue as well and hardly no ones talks about it. It is a fact in our society and it is very sad. We are all unique and we all have our different personalities which make us unique! Never stop being you, because you are beautiful!