Tough Talk Tuesday: #BlackLivesMatter

Picture This
What would you do for a Million Dollars?
Imagine a scientific experiment where a group of people are set in the middle of a room. A ladder is set in a corner where a check for 1 million dollars is hanging on a little string from the ceiling. You got the image? Now picture a whole bunch of snakes all around that ladder, slimy and scaly, hissing and crawling over top of each other. This was their test to see who could be brave enough to get the million dollars! Everyone was terrified, they were telling each other how it was simply impossible..."I cant get past those snakes, they're vicious" or "We can't do it why even try!" They talked themselves out of it. They left the white walled room and the million dollars remains swinging from a string off of the ceiling and the snakes still hissing, still crawling over top of each other...

Back to Reality

This weekend my family was hit with some big news that our childhood home, the home that  my mom lived in, my grandparents built and lived in was being torn down. All the memories, the history, our land was being burned to the ground. Tears were shed, our hearts ached but not only for the house but for the land our great grandparents once owned.

Fast forward to today the 100 of acres sold but we were able to get just one plot of land before anyone else could get it. Many houses have been placed where once before their were but mere trees, barns and tobacco fields. Tree cutters have invaded the land around our old home and we see the acres that our grandparents and great grandparents land to it's fullest glory. I couldn't believe all that they once possessed. My family and I decided to take a history walk, shall I say, and visit our great grandparents old home that is now crumpled to the ground and all is left is the remains of the chimney that manage to still stand to this day. 

We walked for what seemed like miles around the once owned land. From creeks and ponds that me and my brothers used to go fishing and look at the tadpoles. To the playhouse we once built from an old swing set where we had a stove and little knick-knacks scattered around. I managed to find a part of the swing set in the scattered remains of the woods we used to adventure in. Memories flooded back that I had almost forgotten. Happy memories of adventures with my dad during the snowy winter and the time we created a sled to go slide down our little "hill." I used to love the solitude of our home, our land. No neighbors or crazy hunters to fill the streets. I remember singing to the top of my lungs, badly I may add, while I walked around our home. Not to mention my brother running around naked like a crazy person!
 But those are mere memories now...memories I will forever cherish.

Now we have a home, a beautiful home, our own acre of land that was once apart of my grandparents land. My mother struggled for a while in believing everything would be stripped away.  She had a fearful mindset--fear of the unknown. However, she made up in her mind that she would do whatever it took to keep it in family hands .  We had so many memories, our house was beautiful it was the center of attention every time our bus rode down to the end of the street. People looked in awe of all the land we had and the beautiful home we lived in.

In Conclusion
Have a Victors Mindset!

I stated all of this and kudos to all that read it, all to say that just because others say you cant do something or you can't handle something doesn't mean you should listen to them. God had a vision in mind for you from the moment that you was conceived in God's mind. He had the best plan for you, the best purpose for your life. You may have a vision that others may say you can't do or it's to impossible....NO ITS NOT IMPOSSIBLE!!!
 All things are possible through Christ who strengthens YOU! 

Never let those snakes in your life stop you from your destiny. My mom could have sat there let the snakes make her more inferior but she decided to rise above. She has instilled in us that same mentality. We will build from our mom's land. We will make history once again! Our story will be and is of overcoming not of defeat. That is what so many minorities in impoverished settings tend to do...settle with a mind of defeat. Sell drugs or work at low income jobs because this is all they know. Someone told them they couldn't do it. NO! You need to change that mentality and when you do you change your situation, your environment, your generation!

Will you leave your full potential (million dollar check) dangling from that string or will you do something about it? 
Will you keep letting those snakes in your life keep you from reaching your full potential?

I know we see on social media  #BlackLivesMatter. Many find peace in it. Many, often time, not minorities find it as insulting. I notice this past friday a new hashtag #blackoutday was trending on twitter and many white and other races changed it to #whiteoutday as a form of mockery to the race that often times are looked down upon(whether we believe it or not). #BlackLivesMatter means more to this generation of black people than you may realize, this is our Black Movement. Just like our great grandparents and grandparents we are making a stand! Dont put it down or roll your eyes. This is our life, this is our reality, we matter. BLACK PEOPLE WE MATTER! Dont look at your situation as a form of defeat look at it as a situation that will and can be changed.

 It takes a different mindset to take back the land in your life!

In the Comments Below
I have no question for the comment section but I want I to hear from you...Black, White, Asians, Hispanics, Indians, etc. I JUST WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! 


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    1. Thank you for posting this powerful and moving piece! My family were told we were never going to be homeowners. For over 14 years we stayed in a trailer located in a lot beside my grandmother's home. My father and mother saved enough money to buy a home when I was 14. Fast forward about 14 years later and now that home is paid for, we inherited my grandmother's home, and own that lot where we use to live. No, we are not financially rich (yet), but we are in a better place than before. I am so glad and thankful to God that my family never gave up on that dream despite what people said!

    2. Now that's what I'm talking about!!! Having a victors mentality will get you ahead in a world that tells you it's impossible. It's amazing that you all were able to get back your grandmothers home and even own it! You don't have to be financially rich to be rich ;) Those victories are what makes you rich! Thank you for telling me your story it shows that when you believe in more for yourself and your family it truly comes back in abundance!

  2. I love this! it's such a powerful post and really speaks to me, I'm going to share this everywhere, it is kinda what I talked about in my post yesterday, Stay Strong and NEVER Give Up!!

    1. Thank you!!! I read your post and its very inspirational! Our struggles make us stronger even in the mist of the situation we must remember the bigger picture! Your story makes you who you are and I'm glad you didn't look at it as a victim but as victor!

  3. Happy you found strength in your loss. Your grandparents build the foundation of a strong family and you will continue the legacy. Every generation gets a little bit better and stronger. There's definitely more opportunities for change when all people come together. :)


  4. What a lovely heartfelt post, It's so touching to hear or your grandparents hard work and history still being important to you and your family today. So sad that so much of it has been lost but at least you have your memories and you can build on what you have gained. Also your mother sounds like a very strong inspiring woman, and it's lovely to hear that you have learnt to be the same, I think being a strong woman who can stand up for what you believe means so much!
    Beautiful post :-) Hugs, Dani

    1. Thank you Dani!!! Yes it is very important to us! I loved that we was able to get a piece of the land and maybe even more in the future!!! My mom is so strong something I strive for every single day...everyday I get strong! Thank you so much for you words of kindness it means so much!


  5. Your blog is amazing! I do really like it! I know how much time it requires, but you did a really good job! Keep doing it!) I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I'll be checking out your blog :)