A Lotion Obsessed Review: Make Your Skin Soft!


Can a Lotion make your skin feel like silk?

Today I wanted to do something a little different…a review! I want to tell you about a skin care product that I completely fell in love with! After getting a few samples, I found one sample that took me by surprised!  I decided to take my money and buy my new obsession…A Skin Refinishing Lotion from Artistry!

I love the packaging its so simple yet glamorous...cue Ferge's song "Glamorous"

I've been getting a lot more into skincare lately but I've always been afraid of spending money on it. So if I'm gonna get something I want it to be effective! I didn't want to go with a clearer that wasn't gonna stay on my face for more than a minute and I can make my own handmade exfoliates but I've always loved lotions! My skin can get very dry and I'm constantly lathering up(it's almost an obsession)! My face can get extremely dry after cleansing, exfoliating, and toning so I NEED a good lotion to do me right!

A 30ml bottle supply good for 6weeks if used twice a day. But for the price I'm gonna get my moneys worth!
I'm stretching this baby out! 

  1. Instantly improves skin smoothness and softness
  2. Improves skin texture through exclusive and patent-pending non-acid technology that enhance the natural exfoliation process
  3. Provided an immediate moisture surge to the skin

This lotion claims to have multiple benefits.  From using it for just a couple of days I definitely noticed my skin became softer. Even when putting it on I could feel my skin getting silkier! The formula has a thick milky white almost cleanser like  consistancy to it, in my opinion, and it leaves my skin moisturized and silk...can a face fill silk hmmm...
I love that it has a pump that way I'm not getting my hands all in it...making it unsanitary!

A little bit goes a long way!
 Instantly Softer, Smoother Skin 

I've noticed my face is very soft and that makes me so happy!  It also makes me want to touch my face…I know, I know that's not good but this skin refinishing lotion is on point...or on fleet as my fellow youngins would say...ahh I'm so cool right?!?

Splurge or not to splurge?!?

 I say it depends if u have the money (it's $54) I say go for it! It took me a while to feel comfortable giving up that amount of money for it…so it's saying a lot when this cheap and savvy chic buys a splurge! If you want to save for it like I did...do it, it's  totally worth the money! 

Check out Artistry Skin Refinishing Lotion here
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Whats your favorite part of doing your skin care routine?
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  1. So glad you loved this product Jasmine! It is definitely my "I can't live without it" product forvALL the reasons you've stated! I would love the opportunity to earn the business of anyone who is interested in it or in any of the other Artistry products! Daronda

  2. I used light weight moisturizer with SPF. :) Interested in Gfc follow for follow? Please let me know.
    Qing's Style

  3. OMG I love this brand. I'm using their night eye cream and I love it. It was such a surprise to see it here because I thought I was the only one loving this brand HAHAHAH HUGS