My Blogger Wishlist

While others are wishing for clothes and jewelry I'm wishing for a planner!

Happy April Fools Day!!!! No this isn't a joke post, I just woke up this morning and had the urge to write this post! Bloggers love to find items that cater to their love of blogging or writing...lets face it we are obsessed! It not only tickles our fancy but it also inspires us to write! So of course me being a blogger, I thought why not put together a couple of items that I would love to get or receive to enhance my blogging experience! So here's my wishlist!

I literally have enough notebooks but you can never have to many when you are a writer ;)
I love jotting down ideas in notebooks and when I'm having writers block I can go through these notes and pick a blog post! Having a notebook with you at all times is essential for us bloggers! You can find this one here!

Planners are great for scheduling which I must admit is all over the place for me, so its time for me to get organized!
Check out this free printable: Here  and this Etsy pick Here

Sometimes we need that extra writing book to take our blogs to the next level! I seriously love printables with color...and lots of it! It gets me inspired to write in them and plan out my schedule...hmmm now all I need is a super cute binder!

Blog Quotes!
I love quotes and I have a bunch all around my room for extra motivation in my day!
Get out of your writing rut with these here and here!
As writers we can get a little discouraged at times especially when we have writers block! Having quotes around helps motivation and inspire us to get out our pens and paper!

Ahhh finally Mugs!!!
I've already checked this one off my list! Just imagine writing your blog post with this mug! I mean when I seen this mug on my FB timeline...I had to check it out! Without any doubt I knew I had to have it I mean just look at...LOOK AT IT!!! 
Get your own here!

Thanks to the lovely blogger from Sweet Jelly Bean I was able to get a 10% off of this mug so if you want one check out her blog post for details here

Now on to the first impressions! I was so ecstatic to get this so quick! I opened the box up to find cute paper scraps, a card with another 10% off on my next order, and the most delicious lollipop ever! I'm telling you this lollipop was sooo big!!! And of course wrapped in bubble wrap and adorable wrapping paper was my most prized possession, my mug! So you know first things first... picture time and secondly my favorite tea in my favorite mug! I haven't been able to drink out of any other mug, this just fits know!?!

Shop all of her mugs here! All are hand-painted and customized to your liking! I chose pink because that's my fave color but you can try other colors too! You can even get your own slogan so get creative or even put your blog name on your fetch...get it Mean Girls reference hehe ;)

So there you have it my wishlist for blogging inspiration! I absolutely love blogging and writing in general and I feel more people, women and men, should put their creative juices to use. We all have it stored up inside of us...who know's you could be an author one day ;)

In the comments below 
Do you have a blogging wishlist, let me know so I can add to my own list! 
Would you buy some of these items for yourself?


  1. I want them all!! What a great idea. I love notebooks, planners and everything that has to do with writing. I've always been the type of getting lost in the school supplies stores and, if you know me, you know I am obsessed with mugs. So this post could easily be one of my faves!


  2. I love this. I use quotes a lot, too. Tumblr is also a great source of inspiration! And those mugs are adorable. That sucker looks yummy, too. Sucks that I'm on a diet! lol

    -- from Let Them Envy

  3. Some really cute picks! I love the blog quotes especially :)


  4. Love those blogging quotes! Need some of them hung around my desk :)

  5. I need those blogging posts for days when I need just a little extra energy boost.


  6. i have a obsession with blogging gear and mugs! I have even wanted to order a blogging shirt that my cousin found for me.

    Loved this post!

    Lauren Nicole O'Hara

  7. We have just the same wishlist! I have lots of notebooks too but there's always something for each. :)

  8. I love notebooks! I may be a little bit obsessed with them! But it's normally the case that anyone who loves to write tends to have a collection of them. I've never really thought of having a planner for my blogs and youtube but I feel like it could be useful but I suppose that would only be true if I actually used it.... Those mugs are amazing! I feel like I may get a few like that when I finally move out!

    Lauren :) x
    My Lavender Tinted World

  9. I love all the stuff! Wish I can have the notebook! You have a wonderful blog too :*

    Tina x

  10. I love the mugs. and the quotes and the books. I love everything. Nice!

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  11. Just started blogging this year so I'm still all new fangled and in need of some stuff to proudly brand myself as a blogger!^-^ Thanks for the inspiration!