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This is my favorite time of the month sharing this months bloggers with you all!!! Yesterday was all about the April birthstone and what makes it so unique, find out what it is here!

If you don't know each month I've created the You Are A Jewel Series to not only bring awareness to birthstones and the significance that they hold in all of our lives but to also give love to my fellow bloggers in their month of birth because You girls are awesome! I highly recommend you check out these bloggers and connect with them!

" I consider myself as a fashion amateur girl who loves exercising,  reading a good book and spends a lot of time surfing the web that's why I created The Color Palette"

You may know Abril from our Pinterest Party we host every 2 weeks...tomorrow is our next party linkup! She came to me and Zoey about co-hosting it and she even created the awesome post you see each Pinterest Party, so creative! Abril is a lifestyle blogger that does just about anything whether its reviews for cool products to fashion that is oh so cute! What I love about her blog is that its bilingual so all my chica's out there can get their daily dose of Spanish blogging! I even attempt to read through the Spanish parts just to see if I still got some Spanish still left in my head from school, ha! Go check her out if you want to find new beauty and hair care reviews, fashion tips and inspiration! Shhh today is her birthday swing by her social medias and wish her a Very Happy Birthday!!! 

Give her some mega Love!!!

"....A blog needs a lot of dedication and effort but at the end of the day it's about sharing your views."

I first heard of Dolce Vanity aka Laalaa through a #FF aka Friday Follow on twitter and since then I can't get enough of her awesome blog! Her love for makeup is what really got me because as you know I'm such a lover of makeup and all things beauty! And she is a makeup artist so I'm literally living through her posts! One of the post I loved from her is "Is How to Take Flat Lay Photos" and well lets just say my photos have never been better since then(have you noticed)! I love her blog because she has variety and her pictures are always so good!!! She is such great inspiration so go check her out for beauty and nail looks, skincare tips and reviews, and so much more!

Give her some mega Love!!!

Go check out these lovely ladies! I've been reading their blogs for a while and if I like it I know you will too!!!  I hope you ladies had a fabulous birthday and always remember....

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Have you read these ladies blogs, whats your favorite thing about their blogs??


  1. Wow, Laalaa's lipstick shade is stunning! Love it :)

    1. Thank you, it's Makeup Revolution salvation velvet lacquer - Keep Lying For You. :) xo

  2. You're beautiful and this is such a nice feature to do for bloggers new and OG's lol What a nice surprise to wake up to this morning. Mwah much love xo