May Ipsy Review: Hey Jettsetter!


Ahhh the joys of summertime! Summer means jett setting off to the beach, exploring the deep blue sea, and you know meeting that hot life guard. You know girls we all do it! 

Today I wanted to share with you some awesome products I got through Ipsy this month. Is it just me or does seeing that cute pink package in the mail totally makes me swoon with excitement, no just me...ok moving on...

What I got in my Ipsy Bag
(Sunglasses sold separately)

I love this statement on the bag in general because it basically describes what I think is important...and that's makeup baby! The inside of this bag has a bright neon yellowish green that differs in comparison to the outside which is more burlap but that what makes me love it!

The First thing that pop out to me is the lovely LustreLux and DesiMakeup from youtube. I tell you these girls knows how to rock fabulosity! And how could we forget the cute pup with the adorable collar...Awwww!

Pigmented gloss that is super creamy and stays where you want it!
Makes lips look fuller(I dont need that hehe)

Yes I finally got more Urban Decay Products!!! I have to say I'm not one to buy high priced beauty products so getting these samples in the mail makes me so giddy with joy! There was a sale going on earlier for this Revolution High-Color Lipgloss but me being the cheap chic I am said "nahh better not!" After trying these on I really do like them! They are buttery and very glossy. Now on my lips they are not incredibly high-impact as it says but then again I never was for a bright lip...not with this beautiful chocolate skin tone! But the hint of color that it gave me was just what I needed!

Me Rocking the "Failbait" Lip Gloss
"OMG Becky Look at his butt..."
 Me Rocking the "Bitter Sweet"  Lipgloss
"I seen better girl..."

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil
Applies invisibly, and grabs on to color to help it last long. 
Long lasting, waterproof formula that stays creamy!

It also included the 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencil and for me personally I didnt really see a big difference(well it is a primer) except the lip gloss did last longer. It does glide on smoothly and clear so you don't have to worry about any white streaks!

Leaves hair soft, manageble, soften, and strong while protecting from UV exposure.

Now if you've read my other reviews involving hair products, I don't necessarily like getting them in my bag well for obvious reasons, my hairs not silky smooth but more on the afrocentric side if you catch my drift...nappy! But I think this conditioner is good for those who wash their hair everyday and are out in the sun, perfect for the hot beach days ;)

Controls Oiliness\shine, hydrate, and softens

This moisturizer is perfect for people with oily skin tone! Since its hot out, you need that extra something to keep down the oil. I'm more on the dry skin  side but even when I'm just working or out in the sun I put this on and it definitely keeps the oil down for awhile.

Bellapierre Gel Eye Liner in Ebony
This super creamy mineral gel eyeliner formula provides effortlessly smooth application and intense pigment for amazing coverage and all day wear. Plus it’s waterproof so you’ll definitely be smudge-free!

Ladies I'm really starting to like this brand Bellapierre! The products are safe on the skin and thats what I need! This eye liner is very creamy and its formulated with minerals, natural waxes and antioxidants! I really like this product...well I am kinda obsessed with that cat eye look sooo...

Luxie Tapered Blending Brush
100% Animal Cruelty Free brush with high quality synthetic hair bristles that are soft to the touch. 

The more the makeup brushes the better I say! I love getting brushes in my ipsy bag and this one is perfect for blending eye-shadow in the crease! Need I say more...its soft too! So you don't have to worry about it brutally assaulting your eye for no reason!

In Conclusions
So there you have it, Ipsy got you ready to take on those hot summer days in style! Overall I really love this bag and I look forward to doing more looks with these products! From my last blog post alot of people said they wanted to see more themed looks and beauty looks so I'm definitely going to be doing  more for you to satisfy your beauty needs...stay tuned girls!

I must admit this stuff is pretty important!

In The Comments 
If you could get anything out of this bag what would you get?


  1. I agree, this was a good month! I love the blending brush we go, it's the perfect size for my eyes. And I love the makeup bag itself!

    1. Yes is was pretty awesome!!! I'm loving the blending brush Idk why but blending brushes are my fave!

  2. this as an awesome month isn't it?
    I love my bag too

    The Color Palette

    1. Yesss its so good Ipsy definitely did not disappoint at all!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Haha thank you I love them too!!! I'm so obsessed with glasses at the moment :)

  4. Great review. Love the photos!!

    Lu |