Mothers Day Gift Ideas: Breakfast in Bed!

Ahhh I remember my 2nd post I've ever done and ironically it was for Mothers day! In that post, you can read here, I wrote about my love for making handcrafted gifts for my mom and even getting roses off of my mom's rose bush! Even now I still find the time to create handcrafted items for special days such as this. So whether you are young and still on a spending budget or older and have unlimited spending limits, creating your own gifts for your mom will never get old. Personally from my own experience those gifts are the one's that are always cherished.

In last year's gift post I gave you some awesome ideas that I absolutely loved. I found most of these ideas on Pinterest. But this year I wanted to actually recreate my own gift ideas and put my own personal touch on them. They are so Pinterest worthy!!!!

No Cooking for Mom Today Name Card

What You will Need:
1.Design Paper
I found one that had a reverse side at Hobby Lobby
2.Fake flowers
4.Glue Stick

7 Easy Steps
1.Trace out your card
2.Cut out your card using your favorite designed paper
3. Fold you card in half
4. Create a Heart. 
I used an old stencil from a birthday card  but you can use another designed cardstock paper to create this heart. You can even add a jewel
Write mom on it!
5 & 6. Get your flowers
Take everything off of it, leaving just the flower itself.
7. Glue them together. 
I just used a glue stick for less mess.
 Put everything on the card and you are good to go!
You can even write a message inside the card for her to read while she eats ;)
Make her favorite meal and serve it to her in bed! 

This DIY gift is so easy and cost next to nothing! 
I hope you like this and get ready for some even more awesome projects coming tomorrow! 

Mother Day Playlist

In the Comments
What will you be fixing your mom for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner this Mother's Day?


  1. such a perfect idea! thanks for sharing dear:)

  2. Lovely gift ideas, dear. :)