You Are A Jewel: Meet the Bloggers of the Month!

You know what time it is...ok maybe you dont...lets refresh! Every month I like to showcase my favorite bloggers during their birthday month. Its my way of giving a shout out to bloggers across the blogosphere! While I'm at it I give you some insight about the birthstones for that month because I feel we are all beautiful jewels and are worth some much more than we realize...because baby your worth it ;)

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These girls are amazing bloggers I have come to really enjoy getting to know. I hope one day we will all meet up and have a blogging partaaaay!

From the Desk of J
"A blog that encompasses life, style, & everything in between. Sometimes I get serious and write about personal stuff, and sometimes times I write about makeup and blogging. Other times I just write about life in general. I'm just having fun."
I first learned of Jenny and her blog when I first started #usbloggerchat! Her nice personality instantly caught my attention and I just had to learn more...I'm so glad I did! Jenny's blog is an accumulation of her life and hobbies outside of college! Btw she just graduated so say congrats to her! She also rights about her struggles with anxiety which I and I know others can relate to, check it  out here! Jenny also loves sharing with us her fave things that she's loving from Netflix raves to must read blog post check them out here and here!

With this month being one hectic month for her I know she would love to see your smiling faces on her social medias giving her great encouragement!
 We are so proud of you!!!

"As a young blogger, I hope you don't expect me to be perfect...I write for myself, but I also write for all of you! The best part about blogging is sharing your experiences with others."

I met Natalie also when I first learned about #usbloggerchat on twitter when Natalie and Chelsea from Chowdown by the Bay hosted! First off what a smart idea to create that chat...its literally the only one that I feel my most comfortable because everyone is from the same region! I'm actually hosting it for a while, while Natalie is traveling...WE MISS YOU! You can find on her blog lots of traveling post which I love to read like her Post on traveling first class...LUCKYYY! Also tips on flying in general which will come in handy for me when I muster up the nerve to fly! What I love about her blog is that she doesnt stick to a certain mold she takes chances and talks about things I had no idea about like Eyelid surgery! I love learning new things from her!

I loved her birthday post here...she turned 19!

Follow her on all of Social Medias for updates on her travels too!
Safe Travels!!! 

Go check out these lovely ladies! I've been reading their blogs for a while and if I like it I know you will too!!!  I hope you ladies had a fabulous birthday and always remember....

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Have you read these ladies blogs, whats your favorite thing about their blogs??

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  1. Aw that is beautiful. We are all jewels, precious in His eyes. :)