You are a Jewel: The Nature Girl!

In spring’s sweet flowery month of May
And wears an emerald all her life
Shall be a loved and happy wife.
Gregorian Birthstone Poem

My Birthday Jewel!!!! I love this beautiful jewel because the emerald symbolizes a transition from spring to summer. The grass is getting greener. The temperature is getting hot, very hot, and the flowers are at its maximum bloom! Us Emerald girls are all about that nature or at least the colors in nature! Not to mention we can whip out the cutest crop tops and the shortest shorts...ok I don't get too cray cray! This birthstone stands for revitalization and rebirth! Emeralds range from light greens to the darkest of forest dreamy!!!

You are a Natural Soul
Being born in the month of may gives you the ability to have peace while out in nature. I must admit I dont always like to get out and explore nature but when I do its like the most peaceful thing I could ever do. Emeralds represent increased intuition which basically means you can read people like a book! May babies are always giving others a second chance and feel that anyone can change. It also symbolizes renewal....You are always reinventing yourself! Ok so that basically just summed me up in a nut shell...interesting ;)

You are always pushing for personal growth!

Wearing this beautiful emerald helps soothes your mind especially for the mind...which is ironic since its Mental Awareness Month! So this helps ward off fears and mood swings! So for all those teenagers who are having mood swings this ones for you...I sure needed that during my teen angst years!

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