Get Festive this Summer!

Coachella is gone but that doesn't mean the festivities have to stop. Where I live there are so many different events happening around town from art festivals to music festivals to even a summer solstice wine festival, festival season isn't going down anytime soon!

Today I teamed up with the wonderful Prairie Charms to give you a box full of festival treats...literally! Me and other awesome bloggers teamed up to curate a box filled with goodies you are surely to fall in love with! From cute hair accessories to adorn your tresses, necklaces and bracelets to style your clothes to DIY projects you got to try, to even gourmet popcorn...and I love myself some popcorn!!! Check out all the goodies as well as how you can get your very own box!

Prairie Pizzazz
This box is personalized just for you according to your favorite colors, so of course you know your girl had mostly pink in her box! It comes with a variety of items kinda like toppings of a pizza, hence "pizzazz!" This month's theme is all about the festivals with all the personalities that come with it from the flower child to the boho-centric girl! 
Lets get into this pizza...I mean Pizzazz!

 Now when I first seen this box on my doorstep I was immediately ecstatic, like who wouldn't want to see a gorgeous box like this wrapped in gorgeous goodness after a hard day at work or school, am I right ladies! When I opened this bad boy I was in so much shock, but in a good way, It was wrapped with gold dotted wrapping paper and packed with gold shredded paper!

The Power of the Flower
Ladies you are going to love these hair accessories! I've never been so in love with hair accessories in my life! There is even a gorgeous bracelet to adorn your wrist for that added touch of flower power. This postcard from Dottie Rocks was the best addition to this's literally my quote for life! I love anything with flowers on them and when it's in my hair I'm in heaven! 
Spring may have come and gone but it lives forever in my hair!

Getting Creative Rocks
I love that Praire Charms added so much variety to this box! I received this cute pencil that included Music on it, how cute from  Dotti Rocks ! Also included in this box was masking stickers, you can decorate anything with, maybe even a notebook so you can write with your cute "Music" pencil!

Get Tribal
I've been wanting to try out these gold tattoos for a while and now that festival season is here, whats a better time than now, right?! I can rock these along side my tribal hair tie. I even received a tassel necklace to add to an awesome bohemian styled outfit! I'm feeling another blog post coming!

I'm a Classy Popcorn Addict...Kinda!
I've never had gourmet popcorn in my life! I cant wait to dig into this but you know of course I had to take a picture of it...ahhh the blogger life! I'll be doing a cool post with this soon so stay tuned...hint I hope you got your Netflix ready ;)

Prairie Charms have now launched their awesome boxes for all of you and you can now go and order yourself one! 

Deluxe Prairie Pizzazz £25 (includes £7.50 p&p) - This will be a full box including everything inside.
^^You will get everything I got seen above but tailored to your personality^^

Mini Prairie Pizzazz Slice £15 (includes £7.50 p&p) - This will be a smaller box still including full sized products but just less of them in case you are not sure if you want the full size kind of like a tester size.

Get your very own slice of Prairie Pizzazz

Tweet out to Prairie Charms(here) saying "Please can I order a Prairie Pizzazz Deluxe or Mini Box from you?"  using this HASHTAG:
(yes girl I got my own hashtag, I'm legit now haha)

Dont have a Twitter
If you don't have twitter, no worries just shoot them an email at saying the above statement!

In the Comments
What's your favorite part of the box?
Will you be purchasing a Prairie Pizzazz Box?


  1. Aww those are beautiful, I wish we had them in Spain! We have really cool traditions too that are right around the corner, for example "la noche de San Juan" it's such a cool night that's celebrated differently in every part of Spain. You should look it up!


  2. Wow, everything in this box is beautiful! Just have to say, the photos in this post are really pretty, too. Loving the feminine hair accessories and you/'re right, that quote is the best!

  3. I love floral hair accessories! I actually put floral clips in my hair! The popcorn is a nice surprise too! I love popcorn and almost eat it everyday.

  4. Ohmygoodness you got so many amazing items! I bought one a couple weeks ago and I'm super excited to see what they chose out! Fingers crossed it's something similar to yours!

    Priyanka |

  5. And these colors are really really festive! So pretty to look at. :)

  6. Hi Jasmine,what cute collection :) but i think the Gold tattoos are probably the best addition to the box,i've been considering trying them out this coming summer,btw the quality of your Blog is amazing ,the pics ,the theme,colours everything! I've followed you :) check out mine

  7. I'm totally into those floral hair accessories, and that pink elastic hair tie. Envious of you babe!