Tough Talk Tuesday: I'm Still Standing

The Righteous will flourish like a Palm Tree...
Psalms 92:12

A Word from Color U Bold...aka Jasmine :)
I was listening to Joel Olsteen Podcast and his sermon of "I'm Still Standing" spoke to me and I know from experience that if it speaks to me I know it will speak to you. This post is not just for people who believe in God(whatever God you serve) but its for everyone going through a struggle. I never want to single people out we are all here to grow, learn new things, and embrace our journey. Its hard facing life's struggles alone but you must know YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Good things happen to those who keep standing...just like the palm tree in the rain!

Have you ever seen a palm tree during a rainstorm. They are the only type of trees that keep standing even when everything in its path has fallen and destroyed by the rain. All kinds of trees easily can't stand the tough winds but that one skinny little palm tree is still standing. Well just like that palm tree we are able to stand even in the midst of the rainstorm too! 

Palm tree's were designed by God to withstand any storm or hurricane and God designed us to withstand any storm in our life. You may be facing some adversities in your life that may seem like its going to destroy you. You may be going through sickness, heartbreak, or loneliness and just like a palm tree it  may look like you will bend and break at any moment but after the storm is over you are able to stand right back up, stronger and better than you was before! You would have grown during that storm. Your mind would have become stronger, your heart healed a little more, and you wont feel so alone. You may not feel like it now, it may look scary from where you stand but God is going to give you double for your trouble!

He will put bounce back into your step.
-Joel Olsteen

God knows that we will face difficulties, he knew that we will struggle from day to day. But this is his way of growing you, growing your mind and your spirit! The rain is only temporary, the sickness is only temporary, that loneliness is temporary, that heartbreak is only temporary! God is going to put a pep back in your spirit. God does not let his children stay in the storm, he will come and get you out, dry you off and make you feel better than ever!

God doesn't let you go through something without you learning from it. He's strengthening you so when the rain comes back again(it always do but in a different form) you will be able to fight back with strength you never had before!

The difficulty will not defeat you it will promote you.
-Joel Olsteen

The problems you are going through today does not determine your destiny. Its only growing you into your destiny. If you are going through a very difficult time right now just know that your destiny must be pretty dang amazing! Embrace in knowing that!

Rain falls on the just and the unjust
Mathew 5:45

It rains on everyone but the difference between you and the rest is your faith. If your faith is strong you will be able to stand against any obstacle. Keep yourself motivated everyday by waking up believing that something good is going to happen today. And if you truly believe it nothing during that day can stop you from making the best of that day. Praying or visualizing good things happening for you or writing down goals for each day will help keep your faith strong and you still standing! Always remember the law of attraction. You attract what you think and say!

Its not going to be easy but with everyday it gets a little easier...but you have to put in the work. You can just stay under your covers and keep speaking negativity every single day or you can  wake up each morning with the determination that you have bounce back in your future. Great things are about to happen for you. Your opportunity for promotion, growth is on its way. That happiness is right around the corner, that sickness is almost over. You are not alone but surrounded with love! Keep the faith and watch you life turn around for the better!

No matter what comes against you when it’s all said and done you’ll still be standing.
-Joel Olsteen

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