Tough Talk Tuesday: The Power to Inspire!

When inspiration takes over we can't just hold it inside!

A Word from Jasmine 
Today I was so very touched by one of my fellow bloggers, Isaya from Remember Her , story and how she made it through some very tough moments in her life. She was inspired to write about her story because of one of my latest inspirational post called I'm Still Standing. In her post here she said how she had been wanting to write her story of abuse and how she overcame but she was too afraid to tell her story, my post pushed her to write it. What really spoke to me was that I inspired her. Inspire is such a strong word. I kept hearing that word throughout the day yesterday especially through my favorite podcast Life is A Marathon "You Dont need to be Perfect to Inspire" and I couldn't help but to write about Isaya you INSPIRED this post!

I love that we both could inspire each other to write something from the heart and that got me thinking...even in our flawed past it's amazing how we can help someone else whose dealing with something similar.

The words we speak are flawed but it lets others hear what they need to hear in that particular moment in their lives.

Did you know that your voice could be a beacon of light to someone still in their darkness. Yes your past or even your present situation could help someone else. We are all suppose to inspire others that's why we go through things in our life that may seem hard at the moment. These situations helps to teach us that we are stronger, better, smarter than we think. 

After we go through these situations we have an obligation to share our story to the world!
People want to hear what we have to say! I know you have seen so many people sharing their stories now days in the media from celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner to YOUTUBE stars like Ingrid Nilsen to people all around you. In the past it was so difficult to share stories about who people were, the depression, the abuse, and even sickness that people faced. Everyone strived for perfection but we are not perfect. We can't look up to a perfect person!

Inspiration comes through flawed people. 

Those people inspire others. The word INSPIRE  means to breath into. So when you inspire you breath into someone else new strength to carry on. How amazing is that!

Anyone can Inspire...Do you have what it takes?

The answer is YES! You inspire through your words, through your song, through your writings, through you drawings. There is so many ways you can inspire! Never be afraid to tell people your flawed past, your mistakes, your failures.

 I used to be consumed with the fact that I had failed nursing school. I thought people looked at me as a failure. But over the years I have learned that that failure was there for me to help inspire someone else. Someone may be going through a similar event in their lives where they feel like a failure. I want to let you know you are not a failure that situation is there to help you grow. With my situation it helped me realize my true passion: beauty, fashion, and writing! I have learned so much about myself like the fact that I love photography, I've even learned the art of posing like a true model...Naomi Campbell has nothing on me!  I would have never learned these things if I had not went through that failure. And now I can help inspire others through my beauty, my fashion, and my writing. As I write this I'm surprised by how this has just come full circle for me. 

Your Story is like a gift to the World!

Tell your story as a gift to the world. It's just like the butterfly effect  I've written about this before here! If you inspire someone they will inspire someone else BECAUSE OF YOU and the butterfly effects begin. We are all world changers! Isaya was so nervous writing her post but she wrote it and I believe that her post helped someone else it may not be today or tomorrow but It will helps someone and it may even help you. Let her story breath into you and Inspire your story!

**Check out her post **

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Did You read her post, how did it inspire you?
Do you have a story that can inspire others, how will you share it to the world?


  1. That was simply beautiful! Such a powerful post, and you got my intention pretty well. As I said in yesterdays post, what I was trying was to inspire people, to show them it really does get better. I don't want people feeling sorry for me because I am the happiest I've ever been and my story, my past is a big part of me now and helped make me the woman I am today.

    Thank you for this.

    I love you!!

    1. Thank you so much Isaya! You are so right our stories aren't to be heard as a "poor me" story but as a "I am a victor" story! Your journey is of true inspiration that I know can help inspire so many who have gone through similar events so thank you for posting your story :)

      I love you too!!!!