You are A Jewel: The Naturally Rare Jewel

Who comes with summer to this earth,
And owes to June her hour of birth,
With ring of agate on her hand
Can health, wealth, and long life command.
Gregorian Calendar

My favorite time of the month is here again sharing with you what I've learned about this months birthstone and also shouting out some of my favorite bloggers that I'm loving during their month of celebration! Have you seen my latest on my You are a Jewel series?

June's Birthstone is home to 2 jewels Pearls and Alexandrite! How cool is that to have 2 birthstones to choose from! With pearls being the most prominent and well known jewel and Alexandrite being known for its amazing color shifting properties you really cant go wrong with being born in the month of June or choosing the perfect gift for the Birthday Girl!

A Natural You
Pearls are very popular for its natural beauty and just like Pearls you are content with being just you. You don't need the sparkles and the bling bling to get noticed, nor do you want to be noticed it just happens! You go with your heart and whatever feels natural to you so whatever path you choose you know its the right one for you. You tend to make good choices and you luck is always spot on.

You have a soothing affect on people, so people love being around you!

Alexandrites shift colors from a lovely bluish tone green to purplish red based on lighting. This birthstone is very rare and hardly ever seen. Just like this birthstone you have a chameleon like personality, you know how to adapt to any situation! Just like the pearl luck is always on your side!

Shopping for the Birthday Girl
Get the Look 

Meet the Blogger of the Month!
K Meets Style
"I discovered my  life passion for art and design at 15." 

I'm so in love with this bloggers style! Its so effortlessly chic and when you check out her site you can definitely see her personality shining through every article she composes! Formally known as The Girl with the Dream Catcher Tattoo her style has evolved over the years with a new minimalist site and even more fashionable style! With her love for art and design she's paving a solid path for herself, THIS IS A GIRL TO LOOK AT! Subscribe to her email list and always get up to date post and even giveaways! 
Articles That I'm Loving at the Moment!

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Go check out this very talented lady! I've been reading her blog for a while and if I like it I know you will too!!!  I hope you  had a fabulous birthday K Meets Style and always remember....

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  1. Heyyyyy!! Thank you so much for all your kind words about me and my page.! My birthstones are so beautiful!:D I do love your "you are a jewel" series! Keep up the amazing work, I really enjoy reading your blog!<3