5 Things I Wished I Knew In School

School Days are here again for many of you and some of you may even be going to high school even college. It may seem scary going into a new school with people you may or may not know. I know for me school was really hard I often left school depressed, sad, and alone. It was no fault of no one else. I didn't get bullied, no one made fun of me on a constant basis but it was all in my head.The constant fear of everything plague my mind like the bubonic plague! Everyday I wished I could just be like everyone else! So I wanted to share with you some of the things I wished I could have told myself going into especially middle school then high school, and college. I want you all to enjoy school, don't take yourselves to seriously, and just live happily...school is just school!

1.Be Different and don't be afraid of it!
I had always been different in terms of fashion although it took me along time to fully know who I was fashionably. Those skimpy clothes I tried to pull off was a tragedy! In terms of my authentic self I was afraid to just be me. I was a little quirky, a little hyper at times, and  pretty darn funny if I do say so myself. But no one would ever see that because I was too afraid to just be me. I tried to fit in with the crowd but it only isolated me even more because I wasnt being the real me. I wind up just sitting alone at lunch or most tragically in a bathroom stall just to ease the embarrassment of being alone! I isolated myself because I was afraid to be myself.

2.If You like Someone just say it!
I used to be boy crazy! Now not in the sense that I was hopping on any guy that came my way...NOOO the totally opposite. I liked guys and wanted so badly to tell them but I was always afraid to go up to them. The fear of them laughing in my face was always in the back of my head! So I would just fantasize about what it would be like to date them and reading sappy teen romances did not help, Thanks Meg Cabot! So I never had a boyfriend in school. Never leave school with a bunch of regrets. If you like someone just tell them the worse thing they can say is no and move on. Don't worry you'll be on to the next crush in a matter of a week...trust me!

3.And so What if you've never had a boyfriend in school!
Yep that's right I was that girl! You don't need to have a right of passage before you go on to college! Enjoy your single life. I used to feel so sad because I thought no guy wanted me in school. I used to see all of my friends with boyfriends and they would talk about what they did or where they went and I felt so left out. But that should of been my time for really getting deep into my books, getting smarter, experience teenage years with friends, not worrying about a guy that's not worth liking especially the one's with a girlfriend! Trust me the guys that you like or date in school you will soon regret it!

4.It's OK NOT to be popular!
I wanted to have so many friends. I wanted to go out on Friday nights and just live it up! Instead I was home feeling sorry for myself because I didn't have no one to hang out with. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I should have done something about it! The truth of the matter is I did have a few select friends I could have ask to hang out with them! Having sleep overs would have really beat spending time hating myself for being so shy.

5.Finally It's really OK to be alone!
Even though I hated feeling like I had no friends and no guy seemed to want me, I actually really enjoyed the solitude that I had. I would read tons of books, the librarian knew me well! I didn't realize it then but I was establishing a foundation for myself. Passion for writing was brewing up inside of me and I didn't even know it! In fact I thought I was a terrible writer! Loving being in my own solitude, accepting the things I couldn't change and changing the things I could  and  learning to be my own best friend, these are things that I cherish now. I wish I cherished those things when I was in school. It would have saved me so many teary nights alone in my room or sitting on my porch crying out to God to change me...

I didn't realize it then but God was actually changing me from the inside it just took me a while to see it on the outside. 

So as you make your transition into any area of your life, whether it be school, college, moving to a new town or getting into a new job remember that the things you go through are making you who you  are meant to be. Even though you may not have a ton friends now, you may have that one best friend that sticks with you even to this day, Jessie I see you and I thank you! Even though you may not have the hot jock gawking your way its ok that hot jock is going to turn into a hot sock one day! Ahhh there goes my humor :P

You may feel alone now but I truly believe you are meant to be in your loneliness for awhile to figure out who you are. You don't need friends or boyfriend to tell you who you are. Make that decision for yourself! Get out there do what what makes you happy! Discover new interest, new hobbies, new passions. This is the time of your life to learn about who you are...embrace it!

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Tell Me what is one thing that you have learned from your past that  has made you who you are today?!

 If you liked this post share it with anyone making a transition that may seem scary for them. They may feel depressed about going back but give them a reason to want to go back an experience their best year yet! I like to share my stories in order to help others so go ahead share away!


  1. Very nice post. Like you I was never popular or someone wanted to be my boyfriend in school. In hindsight, I couldn't care less and I wish I had back then. I come from a small town and after my A-Levels went travelling the world. Now I live in London and Berlin and guess what? All the bullies from my school are where? Exactly, still in there small town world. It doesn't matter if you were popular in school or whom you dated. It is important who you've become as an adult which has hopefully not been shaped/defined by your past.

    Caz | Style Lingua

  2. Oh, the things we wish we can tell our younger selves. And I'll tell "me" to just enjoy it while I'm young.

  3. I just read your article and it is SO TRUE !
    I wish I had known all of these before entering high school ( and leaving it ).
    These are definitely 5 things every high school student needs to know :)