5 Tips for Overcoming Fear and Self Doubt

Are you the type  that make decisions based on fear?
  Fear based decision making is when you let fear dictate how you go about a certain situation. 
You either take action or you don't and its all because of fear!

I've so often let fear get in the way of opportunities. If it involved calling, meeting up with, or emailing a certain person or people I would procrastinate, and procrastinate, until It winds up never happening. If I feel overwhelmed by fear I would just sleep. That was my way of not dealing with it, not dealing with the self doubt, and not feeling the "rejection" that I thought would ensue. I've come up with so many excuses to why I couldn't go up and talk to someone or not emailing back this company because I was afraid of them saying no. I was always afraid of the word no and that has held me back so many times.

Doubt your doubts before  you doubt your faith!

This is why I've started trying to change my mindset from a victims mind to a victors mind. We all make fear making decisions but it doesn't mean we have to keep doing them. Here are some tips that has helped me and I know will help you!

Tip #1
Visualize your goals.
Yep we need to sit down, close our eyes, and think about all the great possibilities. Release your mind of all self doubt and just think of all the possibilities that could happen if you could do it all tomorrow. What I like to do is write out my goals, what I see myself doing a week from now, a month, a year, 10 years, etc.

 Visualize it, Write it down, and make it plain!

Tip #2
Analyze All outcomes
 Analyze all the possibilities. That means what is the  good and bad outcomes if you decide to do it. With fear we focus on just the bad "If I do this something will go wrong" but think the opposite too. If I do this how will it benefit me, how could it go right?" 

Stop acting like you will fail all the time...because you might just fool yourself!

Tip #3
Take a Break
When all else fails its time to take a break and rejuvenate the mind. Going for  a walk, exercising, dancing around these all will help you. What I used to do was sleep, not nap but long deep sleeps! Sleeping only left me groggy and you know when you slept too hard bleh! By getting active you get energy up to your mind, the happy hormone (serotonin)  is released into the brain and when you come back to that project or making that move you'll feel happier and more confident than before.

Sometimes you got to "Shake it off...Shake it off!"

Tip #4
Say No to Perfection
Stop looking for perfection in EVERYTHING! I'm the type that wants perfection with everything that I do from my blogging to having the perfect meeting with someone. But we have to realize that that's just not gonna happen. There will be bumps in the road but you have to learn to maneuver passed those bumps in order to reach the destination.

Take away perfection and let your creative heart clean up the mess!

Tip #5
Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway
You know I couldn't do these tips without saying you just have to take on the fear head on. That's right gear up and charge toward fear head on. Your heart may be beating a million times per second, you may even start to panic a little bit but you work your best in your fear. Failing is a sign of winning. By going ahead and pushing yourself out there whether you fail or not you are still gaining so much more than you realize. 

More than 90% of what we are worrying about will never happen! 

If you need a more spiritual way of overcoming fears, like panic attacks like myself, click here!

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Have you been putting off something? Will you decide today to act on it?!


  1. Courage is doing it afraid. Lovely and practical tips. :)

  2. this is such an inspiring post. thanks so much! x, kenz

  3. Great advice! There are plenty times I have feared and allowed my fears to even try! I thank for writing this post because it is about time I stop fearing!

  4. Very inspiring post and good tips. I like your positive attitude :)

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk

  5. Good tips for dealing with fear! I always like to do at least one thing that scares me everyday, it's good for personal progress.


  6. I use to let fear get in the way of chasing my goals and aspirations, NOT ANYMORE.
    Once you own the uncertainty, and accept that fear happens regardless, you are able to step out from your comfort zone and just do it anyway!
    Brilliant post!

    x Carina / Running White Horses - Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle

  7. Absolutely wonderful article Jasmine! Every single one of the points you have touched upon are extremely important when trying to overcome self doubt and fear. Fear stops people from getting what they want in life...without a doubt. Once people get over the self doubt, the sky is the limit!

    Alina ♡ www.alwaysinspiredlife.com