A Girls Guide to Lazy Day Styles

We all have those days where we just don't want to even bother dressing half way decent...like I can't even! Some days, OK most days, the effort of getting out of bed is a hassle in and of itself! But then an event comes up or someone wants to hang out and now its time to put some effort in yourself...
ugh really!

No seriously, don't let that stop you from getting up and out.
Lazy day styles are easy to master!
 Its all about style and comfort most importantly comfort!

5 Tips for the Ultimate Lazy Day Style 

1.Free-Flowing Dresses will be your best friend!
Seriously on a hot day who needs hot pants and shorts that leave you with indents around your waist, no thats just me ok...nevermind!

Bonus Tip: Find dresses with florals or prints! It gives your outfit more flare!
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2. Maxi Dresses are Bae!
Curling up on the sofa with this comfy over size dress is like heaven. 
All you need is a good book or Netflix happy hour and when someone calls to hangout you'll totally be prepared!  

Bonus Tip: You don't have to where heels with maxi dresses all the time! Find cool flats and even sneakers for the effortless look!

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3. I Love Jersey
Jersey fabrics are so soft and comfortable. Now you can find them made in many different ways!

Bonus Tip: Jersey styles are becoming more stylish and chic! You can even find them in dresses!
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4.Neutralize Equals Minimize!
Tops and bottoms that are in the simplest form possible will save you so much time when trying to find the right shoes! 

 Bonus Tip: Black and White tops matches EVERYTHING!
Try finding one with a little bit of detailing on it, it stops it from being too bland!
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5. Embellish Your Wardrobe
Picking  statement pieces on tops, dresses, and even bottoms will save so much time when trying to find a pair of jewelery to go with it!

Bonus Tips: Embellished pieces gives the look of actually trying but without the hassle!

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My Lazy Day Style
My lazy day style is comfort over anything!

1.Loose fitting clothing lets me move around.
 Dance off anyone!

2.I love a good statement top like my "East Coast West Coast" top I got from Marshalls.
Whenever I have no idea what to wear this shirt is always my go to shirt!

3.High Waisted shorts or jeans have become an obsession with me and when their ripped I'm in heaven. I love H&M's high-waisted jean collection!
It gives off a casual "I dont care" vibe even though I totally do ;)

4.Accessories are a must for me with an outfit like this! 
A cross body small purse is my go to purse.
When I'm having a bad hair day(like today) I throw on a fedora for that hipster look. 
Who needs makeup when you have sunglasses!

In the Comments Below
What is your go to style?
Which style would you wear?

Calling all Bloggers
If you have a blog you should do a post on your lazy day style!!!
 I would love to see your post!

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  1. I love, love, love your style girl! You look fabulous. These are some amazing fashion ideas and very well color coordinated. Me and you have a lot in common when it comes to fashion. If I was the one writing this post, you'll probably see a lot of similarities. Hmmm??? Maybe I should...My style typically varies based on my mood, but most of the time I like to be comfortable. I love wearing summer dresses, shorts & T-shirts all year long since I live in Florida. But on occasion, I like to get all dolled up, go heavier on makeup, wear high heels, clutch and a formal dress. Awesome post!