Beauty Shamers: #DontJudgeaBookbyitsCover


These videos are a blatant attack on people who look different!

Get ready for a lot of "air quotes" because there is no such thing as normal, ugly, or perfect for anyone. We are all the same in the eye of God! 

Have you heard of the latest trend #dontjudgeme or #dontjudgeabookbyitscover. I do not know who started this trend but it's definitely does more damage than good. With the more positive hype of #youlookdisgusting being a big trend last week it was bound to happen…bullies. 
When did making fun of somebodies attributes become something positive???
These videos mock people who are considered "ugly" in Society! 
Who gave people the right to judge who is beautiful and who isn't!

This new trend is where people that are "already" attractive makes themselves up with dots on there face for zits, a long uni brow for exaggeration, gaps in their teeth and so many more ways showing how terrifyingly "ugly" they are.  Then with a single hand gesture the "ugly"  disappears and you are left with them back to their normally beautiful selves, the licking of the lips, the squinting eyes of seduction, and the feeling of themselves...basically showing how perfect they are…whatever that means. They transform from "ugly" to "beautiful" allegedly claiming to encourage people not judge a book by its cover. Uhhh I do not and hopefully all of you do not possibly think that people who are conventionally  good looking, that can make fun of people who have braces, unibrows, acne and so on are making a positive statement here!


They even have little kids doing this challenge.
Great, get the future generation ready too...NOT!

Many people are not blessed as some say to have naturally flawless skin and perfect long flowing hair and just the right amount of hair on their face but do they deserve to be called ugly…you say #dontjudgeme but oh boy,  oh girl I'm judging big time! When I first seen this on my timeline I was like this has to be a joke like you have to be kidding me! How is this being positive at all?! I feel in my opinion that someone wanted to start this because of Em Fords positive look on #youlookdisgusting!  With every positive reinforcement that no matter what you look like you are still beautiful there always come something negative to reinforce that hey we know we need to view everyone as beautiful but this is what beautiful means to us…deal with it! 

I say no we want deal with it! 

We want tolerate people throwing shade, in a sense, at someone they do not consider beautiful! This world is changing this world is becoming more acceptable of all people and that needs to include how people look whether you think they are beautiful or not! People are not taking this viral trend lightly. What I love about many is that they never let the haters get them down. Many have took over this trend by going from wearing makeup to taking all their makeup off showing every inch of their beauty! That is what this hashtag should have been striving for! Not a bunch of overly conceited teens and adults showing off why they are so "beautiful" or so "handsome!" Even in those videos the girl had on makeup sooooo yeah I'm judging!

"Don't judge me because I can make myself look really ugly but then make myself look attractive. I'm also conceited!"
-Joe Santagato

 Just like with negative hate comes 100 more positive vibes. People have even started a new trend #beautyinall challenge which says hey I'm beautiful no matter what…deal with it! They are celebrating their uniqueness.  From the gap in their teeth, to the glasses that they wear, to the paleness or darkness of their skin, these people are saying no one is perfect we don't need to strive for that!

 So as the older people would say if you don't have anything nice to say don't say nothing at all or for this generation don't make a video about it!

 Let's get back to #youlookdisgusting and #beautyinall shall we….carry on ;)


  1. With the social media right now everybody seems obsessed with showing off and the trolls are out bullying everyone they could. This is a good reminder for us. We have no right to judge and we are all beautiful in our own way.

    1. You said it Lux!!!! I totally agree with you :)

  2. I think they totally missed the point! I think judging a book by it's cover is about stereotyping or making generalizations about a person based on their appearance. It it s not surprise I am actually "physically attractive", I tricked you! lol It would make more sense to have a person being their true physical self and then dispel stereotypes about their appearance!

    1. Yep I totally agree! I dont know how they thought this would make people feel better. The video I posted on here is a wayyy better representation of this if more people could just do that!