How to Have the Ultimate Fourth of July!

Celebrating this weekend?
Don't know what to do?
No worries I got you covered!

I love this time of the Year. 
We get to clash red, white, and blue and it not be a crime. 
We get to eat tons of food without feeling guilty,
 and we can spend all the time we want 
with our family and friends without a curfew!
 Yep its July 4th Weekend and it's time to 
have a good time!

Top 3 Tips for the Best OOTD this weekend!
Rock out in your fave Patriotic OOTD!
#1 Comfortable is Key, Girls!
Its not the time to dress in uncomfortably tight heels ladies. Its time to get out the
flip flops and flats or hey even go barefoot we dont judge here! With hot summer days all we need to wear is shorts or my fave high waisted shorts and a cute tank top or crop top.

#2 Big purses are out clutches are in!

Why tote around a big bag that will only make you hotter. 
Style your casual OOTD with a clutch. 
All you need is a few dollars for those late night runs with friends. 
Your license of course no need to go to jail this weekend, people!
Certainly not least your fave lip gloss or chapstick for the perfect smooch worthy moments with your crush or bf!

#3 Hairstyles should be simple!
With these summer hot days, the less you worry about your hair the better! 
Keep it out your face and you won't get super annoyed by hair sticking to your face...ewww right?! I like to put on a cute bandana like a true
 American Country Girl!

Super Quick NOTD'S!
You dont have to get crazy with your nail looks. A quick swipe of red, white, and blue nail polish will suffice just fine but for me I love a good nail design.

My Top 3 Fave Nail Designs!

Get Your Cooking Hats Out!
Ok we all know 4th of July is all about hot dogs, hamburgers, and a good grill but lets get a little more creative with these awesome treats.

"Mmmm" Worthy Recipes
Cake Pops!
I Scream for Cake!

Stay Hydrated!
I love me some water during the summer but for the 4th it's all about taking it to the
next level with pretty colors and tasty flavors!

Don't Turn up...Layer it up!
Non Alcoholic Drink

So there you have it! You're Ultimate 4th of July Weekend all planned out by me...
Your Welcome :P

Lets Have Fun and Stay Safe

In The Comments Below
How do you celebrate the 4th of July?!
Not from American, How do you celebrate in your country? 
Do you all have a national holiday...Share what you all do!


  1. i am doing my best here in Ireland to celebrate the 4th of July! Myself and my BF are having some friends over for a BBQ which i am looking forward to! Have a great celebration lovely xx

  2. I love that clutch, so cute and appropriate for the holiday! I am glad I got one from forever 21! I also love the headband! Great tips by the way about what to wear! I hope you have a great Fourth of July!

  3. love everything about this post! your outfit is so adorable! and I love love love all of those nails! xx, kenz

  4. Those nails are super cute! This weekend is the opportunity to look as much like a cute American flag as possible and it be okay! But seriously, stay safe and have fun!

    xo Jenn

  5. Happy 4th of July to you! What a gorgeous post. I particularly love the colourful nail designs. So pretty!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  6. These are so cute! And, the sunglasses are so much fun!
    I love those nail art as well. My favorite one is the splattered nails.

  7. Those nail arts are so gorgeous! Happy 4th of July to you. I know I'm late but well, better late than never. :)