My Sunglasses Collection

Step up your Sunglasses Game 
This Summer
Before this summer comes to  a close you got to rock a pair of sunnies that will get heads turning! No matter what you wear any outfit has the power to transform into something fab! Ever since I was blessed to get some contacts I just can't get enough so I wanted to share with you my fave sunglasses for the summer.

 Pop Classic!
Ok, ok I'm a thief! I stole these from my brother a while ago and I love them!!! I love the pop of neon yellow on the ear piece!

I'ma Diva, Diva
When I wear these I feel so glamorous! I love the gold detailing on the ends!

Ocean Dream'n!
These glasses make me think of the beach! With the ocean blue detailing at the bottom it takes me far away from the hustle and bustle of country livin.

I Hearts That! 
These are my absolute fave! I'll pair these with my flower crown for that hippy vibe or my fedora for that hipster vibe!

American Kinda Girl!
I can't just wear these on fourth of July! I like to stay patriotic all summer long with these cute flag glasses!

Puuuurfectly Smitten!
Meow! I love these cat glasses they make me feel fierce and yes fierce enough to take them from my mom! I'll give'em back at the end of the summer ;)

Through Rose-Colored Lenses 
See the world in a more optimistic kinda way with these glasses. It doesnt hurt that they are so on trend this summer!

My Fave Site for Sunglasses
RUE 21
Everything is below $6 and they have a sale going on right now! 
Buy One Get One $2

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Which sunglasses was your favorite?


  1. I love them all!!!! So adorable.

  2. I love your heart shaped glasses

  3. My faves from your list are the Diva Diva and Pop Classic but to be honest, all of your choices are just as cute! Thanks for sharing! xoxo