Soul to Soul with Isaya

Today I wanted to introduce you to a new series that Isaya from Remember Her and I have collaborated together to share with you all.

What is Soul To Soul?
Soul to Soul is a series that lets us as writers dive deeper into a person's soul to reveal some amazing yet inspiring stories of overcoming obstacles, reaching for your fullest potential, and sharing your beliefs with the world. In this series we will be exploring different stories by different people all over the world that will help you live your best life now!

Starting off me and Isaya both shared personal stories that I hope can inspire you to keep moving forward in your own walk through life.

Soul To Soul with Isaya
Isaya from Remember Her recently put out a blog post telling the world about her deep and tumultuous past. It was so inspiring that it led me to create my own post here. So when me and her had a Skype call I wanted to dive in deeper with her story of abuse, running away, overcoming her past. She revealed to me more of her life and how she was able to overcome the past abuse, family drug addictions, and so much more. What stuck out to me mostly was her strong Victor's mentality. I've touched based about victor v.s victim mindsets before on my blog but I feel so strongly about this! Having a Victors mentality over a victim's mindset will help you reach your fullest potential.

From a very young age Isaya had already started her life with a lot of turmoil so when she was forced to go live with her uncle and his wife that turmoil only grew as she aged. From being abused by her uncle to being beaten by his wife for "claiming" she lied about the abuse Isaya had it quite rough.

Many of us could only imagine but maybe some of you could imagine, have you ever been abused, beaten, or accused of lying on a daily basis?

Isaya no longer could take the abuse so she ran away but she had a younger sister that was left behind but she was determined to come back and get her unfortunately the damage was already done. Her sister had started her own walk down the wrong pathIsaya's story was inspiring because she could have taken the wrong path down a drug addicted path like some of her family members. No one knew her struggles with her uncle and if they knew that just disowned her, it would have been so easy to just release the pain with drugs even suicide. She went to go live in an abuse shelter for women who needed a way out and instead of the home being a place of comfort it began to look more like an insane asylum with women who was very unstable. It was "emotionally draining."

 Something that stuck out to me was that she said "I shouldn't be the one getting punished."

From a Victims Mindset to a Victors Mindset!
After moving out of that shelter she went to live with a friend. Living with a friend, barely finished high school, Isaya could have just called it quits with life but no she got back up and took action. She got a job working long hours everyday. It wasn't the  best but it was all that she had...she had to make it work. She eventually made her way to working with an elderly couple who provided shelter for her and was truly nice people.  She eventually was able to go to college and get her first degree!

Isaya now is always laughing, always smiling, and loves to talk to anyone and everyone! You would have never knew her situation until you asked and she wants others to know her story, it makes her who she is today. Many people do not like seeing what's on the "other side of the rainbow" where its not so pretty. Her mother and sisters went down a path of self infliction, abuse, and destruction due to the same sexual abuse by the same man. A whole cycle could have started again with Isaya but she  decide to take clean up the mess from her past, she wanted to see that rainbow up close!

Our life is like a puzzle sometimes there is a piece of the puzzle that just does not fit, no matter how much we try. So we have to put it away for a while and keep adding to the puzzle until finally that puzzle piece fits. Now we know why that piece was there in the first place!

We choose to make our own decision based on how life is thrown at us. We can either blame that person the rest of our lives or we can get up and take our joy back, take our mind back, take our lives back! Isaya's story is truly inspiring I had never met someone who had gone through the things she went through and has come out better than ever before. So often we see people who go down the wrong path because of the mindsets they choose to have. Its probably all they know and all they have seen. It's sad to see, heartbreaking to say  the least but if you are going through something  right now don't give up and don't give in. Your story is meant to be told. That puzzle piece has a purpose. Your life is meant to inspire someone else who has been through it or who is going through it right now. Take your story and turn it around.

Look for that rainbow because you will find it on the other side of that tough situation!

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