5 Tips Tuesdays: Increase Your Blog Traffic without Getting Discouraged!


Today I wanted to do something different! I know what you are saying "Oh Lord another blogger trying too spew some blogging tips." I'm not gonna lie I have said the same thing but this one is a bit different. This post isnt coming to you not because I know what I'm doing when it comes to increasing traffic its coming to you because I'm learning just like you! 

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Over the past week I've been learning different ways that has helped increase my traffic in each post even on the weekends! Let me just say I barely get views on the weekend mostly my views come in high traffic on the week days but just Sunday I got up to over 130 page views...whaaat on a Sunday! Ha I know its not a lot but when people are commenting on your post it really makes you feel a lot better!-August 11, 2015

Updated to February 14, 2016
My blog traffic has increases dramatically from my 130 views  I got back in August  now as of today I'm getting 400-500 page views a day even on weekends. So I wanted to tell you this because I want you to know it is possible, keep pushing, keep writing, you got this :) 
This post was written in August and I'm finally on the right track and it's because of these tips here!
Updated to December 13,2016
My blog traffic has when up even more from 400-500 to and outstanding 1,000-5,000 a day! I want to keep updating you to keep you encouraged :) Keep going you got this!
I have to be honest I was a little discouraged a month ago because I felt I wasn't "reaching" people like I had wanted to but I decided not give up! I know we have those feelings sometime...OK sometimes a lot! I even shared my sentiments on my chat that I host #usbloggerchat on last Thursday! I got so many good tips from amazing bloggers who are also learning and experimenting like I am! Soooo without further jibber-jabber I bring to you my tips I have learned to increase my traffic and staying positive along the way!

Traffic Is So Important! Without it, I wouldn't have a blog!-@BeckyBedbug 
Double Your Blog Traffic and Stay Sane all at the Same Time!

Tip #1
Leave Genuine Comments on blog posts! 
What I like to do is if someone comments on my blog I always go and check them out and leave comments on their blog and I even thank them for their comment that they gave on my blog! Not just any comment I like to go in depth...ok maybe to in-depth sometimes but nonetheless actually read their post and show that you read it! One key piece is to show that you read it by commenting on a particular sentence that you read that stuck out the most to you! Maybe it was a picture that you loved tell them why you liked it! Put your personality in your comment. Don't say "I like this post...please check mine out" and then plop your blog link down like that's going to get their attention lol that's a sure fire way not to get a reply back or even a view on your blog! 

Genuine Comments lead to Genuine Friendships!

Tip #2
Hash tag it out!!!
I've started to use hashtags more! My faves are #fbloggers #lbloggers #bbloggers you know all the popular ones! I didn't think it helped before but now I've noticed more people retweeting and favoring my tweets like never before!
When in doubt, hash tag it out!
Tip #3
Use a Scheduling Post Website like Buffer!
I heard about this site from someone on FB, yes I still use FB! When I got to it I was a little confused but once you get the hang of it its pretty simple! You can schedule post for both your Twitter and Facebook even at the same time! I've been trying to post a lot more at different times of the day so more people will be intrigued in looking at my post! You can post to twitter any time you like and as much as you like and not fill like you are spamming people like you do on FB! I say 2-3 post for Facebook Tops! The best times are during the evening around 6-9pm!

Think this: When would I read a article...hmmm?

Tip #4
Collaborate with others!
I did this in my Fashion Friday post here featuring Her Campus bloggers! I really loved that post because I showcased other bloggers styles and not just my own style! When you get others involved in your blog the intrigue increases! Bonus: When they  re-tweet your blog post to their followers  your viewership goes up! But don't just feature people just for the views let it be GENUINE! You get to make new friendships and learn more about someone else! I had so much fun just looking through their blogs!

 I suggest asking bloggers their take on certain things like fashion or beauty and featuring their comments on your blog!

 Tip #5
Quality over Quantity!
What I really took away from learning about increasing viewership is by realizing that getting more comments over views is so much more helpful and exciting! I have gotten so many more comments from bloggers than I have ever before! I have been trying to up my blog post game by showing more of my personality especially through videos like this one here! I've been working on my photography to make it better and experiment with different ways of photographing like food photography here and my concert post here! Let me know if you like my photography in this post ;)

You don't always need to do giveaways or change up your blog design to make it aesthetically pleasing, if you like what you like keep it if you don't change it! You don't have to spam every blogger you meet and you definitely don't need to write about something that you are seriously not even interested about just for the views! 

Do You Get What I'm Writing?!
Do what you like and the RIGHT views will start coming in! Focus on making your blog the best it can be! Let your personality show! Get in touch with bloggers, collaborate, and comment with genuine comments. Remember when people are commenting on your blog you are doing something right, FORGET ABOUT THE VIEWS! Heck don't sign into your Google Analytics if you have to and focus on Quality of Content, Quality of Friendships, and Quality of Self(Confidence in Self)

You got this... now get back to blogging ;)

"For me, traffic is amazing but what really makes me feel happy about my work is interact from my followers!"-@PrettyLovedx

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What is your favorite Strategies for increasing traffic to your blog?


  1. It is nice to see that quality is being recognized over quantity. I am learning this now after about 6 months of blogging. I feel better spending more time on a few weekly pieces than just hammering out an article because I should post every day. Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Thanks for these tips, I will definitely take what you've said on board. I always try to value the quality of posts rather than the amount of posts/followers and I never even thought about collaborating with other bloggers before!


  3. Yes!! :) These tips are spot on! Quality over quantity is HUGE! You should always write about what you like and are passionate about. I have started using Buffer again after taking a pause from it and I feel like by posting at different times I am able to have way more people see my posts. At first I was worried I'd be "spamming" but when I realized only like 100 people out of 2000 saw my posts, I realized I wasn't posting enough! I'll def use more hashtags and post more often. xo

  4. Wow thank you for mentioning me. I really like that you prefer quality over quantity

  5. These are awesome tips! Thanks for sharing! I've already bookmarked this ;)

    Your blog is gorgeous! I love all the bright colors.

  6. Great tips! I love collaborations and link parties. Anything that helps me build geniune friendships with other bloggers is awesome!

  7. Awesome tips! I love working with other bloggers - it's fun to make new friends, and the added readers are always a bonus!

  8. Great post and terrific advice. I know I get discouraged sometimes, but then I will have a really great post that gets a lot of views and comments. I know that when you use SMO that helps increase your SEO. Carry on with your beautiful self and blog. Thank you for your great advice.

  9. I like that. Quality comments lead to quality friendships. And I totally agree with the hashtag rule. They help SO much.

  10. Hashtags are something I'm still learning to use.

  11. Great ideas. I to believe quality over quantity. When I first started I blogged about silly little things all the time and never got any views ("I wonder why?" lol) but since I have been trying harder with my layout, topics & photos. I've gotten higher views which is great.


  12. Love this. I'm still figuring out this whole blogging thing, too and it's always nice to hear what other people are learning about. The biggest thing I'm doing right now, is trying to get into more social media with my blog. I just got a twitter account for it, so I will try and join your #usbloggerchat Thursday!

  13. I've just started using hashtags on Twitter and Instagram which have really helped with increasing traffic. I'm still learning, but its fun getting to know what works and what doesn't work for other bloggers. www.littlemissfangirly.blogspot.com

  14. This is a great post! I love reading tips to make me a better blogger or to help my blog grow. By the way, I love the way you took these photos. Very creative.

  15. Totally agree with these posts. Been applying them and my traffic is really growing. ;)

  16. Hey girly, I have a tip that works for me, it's these 2 sites: http://www.easyhits4u.com/?ref=airgirl18
    Here's how it works: you surf a few advertisement pages which earn you credits. You get to use these credits to advertise your blog, get traffic to it, quality traffic at that since the people will genuinely read your blog. Besides, surfing does not only earn you views and subscribers, it also earns you money on your paypal. It's not a scam, I've been doing this and enjoying the quality traffic, mostly from TrafficMonsoon.

    Good luck girly!

  17. Awesome tips, Jasmine! I've noticed my comments have increased lately since I've started replying to every comment then going and commenting on the commenters blog too, like you say. I'm loving the interaction with my followers, it feels good to build relationships with other bloggers doesn't it!

  18. Love the post! I really love how you can see your personality through your posts it's great!
    <3 Liz

  19. Jasmine, I love this post, especially the hash tag tips. I normally use #bloggers but I will definitely incorporate the ones you have listed. I love to read other bloggers post and leave a genuine comment, I've had good response from other bloggers interaction with my blog. Glad to see a newbie reach out with great advice...

  20. These are such great tips! I've been exploring all the hash tags myself but haven't really joined a beauty chat. I have to admit that I'm not quite sure how it works other than people just writing tweets with the hashtag attached? I'm the definition of a newbie when it comes to that!

  21. Hi there! I've just started blogging and this was the most helpful post I've seen! I'll save it in my favorites! Thank you and good luck, Xoxo

  22. Thanks for this post.
    Great advice,
    I find your posts so helpful, seriously have helped me with my current page.
    fingers crossed for some new progress x

  23. I'm really struggling with increasing my traffic on my blog and social channels but I think the hashtags have already been helping a lot with my Instagram!! Im still working to figure out Twitter but I will have to start incorporating more hashtags there as well!


  24. Great advice! I love these types of posts currently as they teach me so much. I'm hoping to collaborate with other bloggers this year. Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Check out twitter tomorrow for the hashtag #SundayBlogShare. I always find fantastic new blogs to read from it! Xx

  25. I found you on Twitter. I can be found @CrossNewBridges. Until now I never thought it was ok to link back to myself. I am new to the Blogging world and your tips are so helpful. I have been trying to grow followers and I like the re-comment to every person whom commented. I had to seriously ban myself from my Google Analytics because I was feeling like if the numbers did not raise my posts were bad. Thank you for the tips. I will be reading more of your posts

  26. What a brilliant post - I'm loving these tip-style blogposts lately!

    Lilies and Lipbalm

  27. These tips are great - I'm a terrible hashtagger! I need to work on that ;) but that scheduling post website is perfect! I shall be checking those out! Thanks xx

  28. Thank you so much for the tips! I could really use these as I am getting views but not quite enough. I really hope these make a difference!
    Your writing is so good and straight to the point so thank you once again!

  29. Those tips are so useful, I was about to give up assuming I was just chatting to myself. Signed up to Buffer and raring to go - thank you!


  30. Great advice thank you so much, I can totally relate to the feel down about the blog I even took a little break last month because I felt discord then one day I decided I had to stop feeling sorry for myself and I pushed and did a post, I totally want to grow my audience more especially my social media's

  31. I was just about to google how to increase traffic when I came across your post on my Twitter TL. Crazy timing. But great tips. I'm taking notes.

  32. One of the things I love most about blogging is that we are all constantly learning & willing to share tips like these with each other so everyone benefits! I definitely agree that quality outweighs quantity & to build genuine friendships. I'd pick each & every blogging friend over 1,000 page views per day! They are the people that help enrich my life rather than just being a number. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

  33. Awesome tips! I do a few of these already but I think I want to start reaching out to other bloggers more! I want to be a part of the blogging community and grow as much as possible! :) Thank you for the help!

  34. I recently changed my blog name and starting over to build up the traffic again. Great tips.

  35. Thank you, I'll take what I can get my encouragement. I love that posts can be really just a very informative letter. You're right the friendships are genuine, and I'd like to create more :)

  36. Love the tips because they are very practical. Thanks for sharing. I've pinned this article to my bloggers' Pinterest board.

  37. great tips, hastags are super important!

  38. These are all strategies I am using! Particularly hashtags! I prop ably use too many but hey whatcha gonna do lol?

    I'm working so hard on growing my blog and my social accounts at the minute! It's a really long process.

    Glad to see you've got real results though!!


  39. I really appreciate tips like these. I'm just starting out and I constantly see people when writing tips for bloggers to comment on other bloggers posts to network. But that ends up being the main one they talk about. I like that you also suggest more personality, and bring more excited about the comments you get rather than the amount of views ��

  40. Honestly all of this is so genuinely true, leaving comments definitely helps and not being discouraged with your views can be difficult. Thanks for the lovely post
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin'

  41. These are all great tips! Leaving meaningful comments is an awesome one as well as scheduling out tweets! Thanks for sharing!

  42. This is a great post, I'm a fairly new blogger and understanding how to get traffic and comments is really perplexing me. Thanks for being honest and providing the REAL perspective and if it helps, I found your blog through 'The Blogger Hub' retweet.


  43. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
    This post is perfect, especially to newbies like me :)
    It's honest but realistic. I love Buffer and have been posting more comments on blogs too. It's supposed to be fun, so let's not make it like a chore. When you are genuine in shines through your words.


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  45. This is a great post! I only started up blogging yesterday and I'll definitely be putting these into action for my own! Thank you xxx


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  47. Thank you for sharing. I have been blogging for a only a month, so I'm super new to everything. I'm picking up tips and advice from blog posts like this and Twitter chats. This was great and has given me quite a few points to think about X

  48. For me recently, its # (yes hash tags), since I started using enough hashtags, my instagram followers have increased...on daily basis. I'm excited because I know these followers will certainly spill into the blog winniesstyle.blogspot.com. Though my biggest challenge has been getting comments on my posts, but just like you said in the "debunk) posts, at least someone is looking...I see the views, but not the comments. So I'm really hopeful.

  49. This is a great post, and I'm really looking forward to collaborating more on posts next year. I've already set myself a goal for views, so here's hoping I smash it!