Blog Myths Busted Part 2!


If you missed Part 1 check it out here! Today I wanted to share with you 3 more blog myths that I thought were true but have come to the realization that those blog rules can be kicked to the curb too! 

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Myth 1:Have a professional mind-set!
Ok you are a blogger, no need in being so technical especially if you are talking to another blogger or emailing another blogger. Yes we have to have a little professionality(a word I made up ha!) with companies but don't forget to show your personality. Even with companies that contact me I still like to throw in my personality and make them smile...I'm a colorful being what can I say! 

Remember there is a time and place for professional "adulting" but don't forget to be you at the same time! If you have a little spunk show it. Companies will really like that about you and nine out of ten will come running back for more of you! 

Myth 2:Post Something Every Day
Uh nooo I can't, I would seriously go insane! Some people can pop a post out like its a pop-tart in a microwave...yeah not me. I take time to perfect everything that I do from the grammar to the pictures and of course the post. I wish I could be those "pop-tart popping" bloggers but I'm not. So getting 4-5 post out a week is enough. I was at 3 post per week and have amped up my blogging because I see great potential not to mention I have a very big project that requires getting my page to grow a little more for it to be a great success! Although I love to write it can start to feel like a overbearing job if you think you just have to put out a post every day. 

On the days that you don't post anything, promote your old ones...remember your archives don't forget them. They miss youuuu! 

Myth 3:Keep your blog post Short
One other myth I have kicked to the curb. If I have a post I feel strongly about like my last post  #flexinmycomplexion its gonna be long and that's fine by me. As long as its not just all over the place and it sticks with the topic at hand nothing is wrong with having it a little bit long. There are people out there that love to read, I'm one of them. So I love to read a long post! Something that I like to do with long post is too break them up with headlines, bold print, italics, big letters inside the paragraph and of course pictures! This gets the person's attention and keeps their attention because they want to know why you made that sentence bold! I learned this in school and this has always stayed with me. I admit that when someone doesn't break up there post into sections I immediately get anxious because It looks incredibly to long to want to read!

Remember by breaking up your long blog post, it will not look as long! This post was long but look you are still here why...because I broke this bad baby up into pieces...your welcome ;)

In the Comments Below
Have you ever dealt with any of these myths?
If so did you decide to kick it to the curb or keep it around, did it work for you?!

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  1. I did a post similar to this on my Blog last week .. I def need to check your part 1

  2. I agree with all of these especially number 1. I think its so important to be professional but also have your personality alongside of it. Its okay to make a joke or be yourself!!

  3. Loved it. I can't think of posting a blog post daily. But I thought keeping it short is the key. Will work on that. Beautiful pictures !
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  4. Love these and I totally agree !!!! I meani have professional traits but I am definitely not a professional blogger and have worked with tons :) love it

  5. Great tips, I always try to make my posts short because i personally don't like to read longs posts but to be honest I always love yours since they are easy to read. I don't know if I'll be able to write long post any time soon because i write my blog in two languages!
    The Color Palette

  6. Yes to all. I used to believe the 2nd one when I was starting that I had to struggle for a topic each day for as long as I can remember.

  7. These are tips I can makes use of. I thoroughly enjoyed your humor, added bonus!

  8. Man, I way prefer long blog posts to short ones--I always feel, if I click on your link, I want to stay there for a big, so give me something to read/look at!

  9. I'm a relatively new blogger and can agree with these too. I like writing long posts - some times I have to restrict myself to keep them at a reasonable length! Great post, ill definitely be keeping them in mind ☺

  10. Also a big misconception - need to get a custom domain.
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  11. I was always told to post every day but found that blogging then took over my life and started hating it. I post a couple of times a week, and that's enough for me. I'd rather have good content than a tonne of posts that have no substance to them.

  12. Yesss!!! I agree with all of these. I HATE when I click on a post and it's just a widget of a "wishlist" but no explanation, no why, nothing. I also write longer posts and use headers as my friend! You can definitely tell those who choose quality over quantity, IMO.

  13. Wow!!! you really have great tips. like the part of breaking posts up. I just do it...not much though, for emphasis mostly, but I never knew it helps to 'psychologically' reduce the length of a post and make it more interesting for readers. one. thanks