You may or may not have heard of the newest hashtag that has been taking  twitter and Instagram by storm. This incredible hashtag wants to bring some light on some darkness (pun intended) of the constant struggle that brown skin and darker skin alike have dealt with for many years, decades, heck freaking centuries! 

"The standard of beauty has been dictated by the 'blonde, blue-eyed bombshell' since the dawn of the American movie and the rise of the beauty industry in the early 1900s."
-Natalie Clue

How One Artist, Sparked a national discussion and debate!

When it comes to diversity in the media, we all can be honest, there is a big gap missing! But hey don't get me wrong we have 8 Amazing Black Women embracing the cover of top leading magazines in the upcoming month from Beyoncé, Kerry Washington, Ciara, Serena Williams, Misty Copeland, Amandla Stenberg, Willow Smith and Imaan Hammam.  Not to mention Rihanna for Dior's Secret Garden campaign, Lupita Nyong'o for Lancôme and Neelam Gill for Burberry! I mean look Women of Color are doing the "dang thang!" But how long will this last before we are back to seeing the same thing embracing the cover of magazines, magazines I usually buy, might I add. Why do women all across the world still feel their beauty is not good enough? 

This makes me want to buy something from Lancome Now!!!
The Question is Why does the media feel like our skin is still not good enough?  We still are not featured  as much as the lighter counterparts and when we google "beautiful skin" why is it all that we see is a slew of beautiful, might I add, white women with perfect hair. I kept scrolling down to find darker skin, an asian, an indian, something that does not have a whiter complexion and I could basically count them on my hands...10 out of all of those girls, really! I shouldnt have to type in  "beautiful black skin" just to get a black girl with the same complexion as me! I stopped scrolling, my self esteem was getting low just by looking at it! 

Society's Idea of Beauty is very Limited! 
So what can we do about it!

#FlexinMyComplexion is a great way of showing your love for your beautiful complexion. You seriously don't have to be an African America to display this! All skin tones are beautiful and that's what this hashtag displays! I seen brown skin, indians, asians,  rocking this hashtag and loving it! It doesnt matter your skintone but it's important to just share why darker skin tones should be loved just as much.

 "They are not proposing that by the use of the hashtag it means other skin tones are not beautiful, but instead they  are using it as a way to unapologetically embrace their beauty even if the industry won't and thereby empower other women to believe that their skin tone is also beautiful."
This is the first seventeen magazine I have received that is not of a white woman yet still no one darker has been showcased this whole year on the cover of Seventeen...And I LOVE SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE!

The Beauty Industry needs to step up their Diversity Game!
Do you know how many foundations I've had to pass because its not my skin tone...Too Faced Born this Way, here's looking at you ;) Drugstores seriously act as though only white women want to buy beauty products! I dont have the patience to have to buy a simple foundation over the internet, only for it to still be too light for me. I had to pass on the Influenster Maybelline Challenge  because the color I received was wayyy to light for me...because obviously there is no such thing as darker skintones other than honey?!
Hmmm I guess I could use it as a concealer smh!

The Critics Have Spoken!
I know there are critics out there as stated by this article but please understand this is not playing the race card! No this is trying to display the love of all skin tones. Some have said that this has excluded the white women and men out there...seriously tho!  I would never put down a white girls complexion, their complexions are gorgeous and have tons of different skin tones in just their color. I have often envied that because they have such an amazing range to choose from with makeup products...obviously I'm a makeup junkie so this is quite important for me! Its been times when darker skin complexions and ethnicities have been looked down upon and have been exuded in sooo many ways in the beauty industry not to mention society. So to say that those critics of the #flexinmycomplexion feels excluded is almost an insult.
 I have tons of beautiful white women on the cover of my fave magazine but only 3 beautiful women of color in the same magazine! Why is it like that?!

 "Instead I believe that a group of women who do feel they are under-represented by the beauty industry are using it as an opportunity to not only showcase, but to also celebrate, their skin tones."

So In Conclusion....ROCK YOUR COMPLEXION...Yea you girl with the beautiful complexion!

In the Comments Below
Whether you are White, Black, Asian, Indian, Hawaiian, Mixed etc. how do you feel about this hashtag. Does it embrace all races as being beautiful?


  1. I was having a conversation about this recently. If you google beautiful women -- you have to scroll quite a bit before there isn't an image of a white woman. Someone gifted me a Birchbox subscription and I had to give away a lot oft he products because the color options were so limited and did not work with my skin tone. I fully support the hashtag and am loving all of the melanin gracing the September issue magazine covers.

    1. Its really sad! I've been too weary of getting a birchbox subscription or any subscription for that matter. I do love Ipsy because they are the most accurate but still I have some months that are a totally fail or have hair products that will never work for my hair. I'm so glad to see more women on these covers and I mostly likely will be buying all of them because I feel so happy about seeing all of that melanin haha!!!

  2. You wrote an AMAZING(!) article love. I couldn't agree more.No matter if we want to believe it or not there this is still a huge issue. Choosing the perfect makeup color is indeed awful,my skin tone is best described as 'brown' ,something that makes it even more difficult to find a foundation that matches with my color ..This hastag is one of the most wonderful things I have seen lately.Fortunately i live in a country when colored women are the ones that people admire the most .Most of them kind of us as 'exotic',something that really makes me happy. The beauty industry sents the wrong message,I do completely agree with that and it effects and discourage many young girls :/

    1. I need to visit your country seriously!!!! I love that different countries have embraced Women of color as a sign of beauty and not a "handicap" but the US seems to still be lacking in that area smh. The beauty industry is definitely the one's that are still causing this great debate I hope one day it can change but until then hashtags like this and girls embracing their skin is the only way to make the world see better :)

  3. This is a great article and it needs to be said everywhere that beauty brands need to add more diversity in their products. We should all be represented equally as there is beauty in all of our skin tones.

    1. Yes exactly!!! Thank you so much for reading and sharing in the discussion we all should be represented more fairly maybe then people will see all colors as beautiful!

  4. I absolutely love this post! I hadn't heard about the hashtag so thank you for sharing. This really hits home for me because I struggled with being comfortable with my complexion during elementary school. It would have been so helpful back then to see more women who look like me on the covers of magazines or on top beauty lists. I am thankful that I was able to accept me early on and that it didn't cause me to have low self-esteem. Thanks again for sharing :)


  5. This was so inspirational and true in so many ways I think that for girls like us with darker skin is hard to feel beautiful or "normal" because of the influence of the media and it takes some time to realize that everyone is beautiful in their own way and you have to embrace your skin color and feel special because you don't look like the "regular" magazine girl. It is great start seeing models and actresses with dark skin , and notice that even some brands are expanding their collections so we can actually wear their makeup, to be honest I feel like a million bucks every time I find a drugstore foundation that matches my skin tone!!

  6. I'm so happy to see that this hashtag is gaining steam. I absolutely love seeing color and it's sad that we have to fight just to get full representation from an industry that we heavily support.

  7. I'm definitely here for this hashtag! I'll be using it on my posts for sure. I also applaud all of the publications that put women of color on the coveted September covers! Go black girls goooo!