How to Make A Smoothie Bowl

 Today's Health Post is all about Smoothie Bowls, but wait....what the heck are smoothie bowls?!

Smoothie bowl recipes are basically alternatives to regular "pour in a cup" and "drink with a straw" smoothies. They are great for in the morning for breakfast...which reminds me did you see my "Become a Breakfast Person" Post? Like I mentioned there this is a great way to vary up your meals and its a healthy alternative, BONUS!

I've been hearing a lot about these in the blogging world and now I'm seeing them featured on a lot of IG'ers post! So being me (with an eye out for all things "super "cute) I needed to see what these bowls were all about! I looked into them and a lot of the one's I seen had a whole bunch of stuff that I couldn't even spell let alone find in my grocery story! So I decided to just make my own with simple ingredients that anyone can do at home and you are sure to find in your local store heck you probably have it in your back yard somewhere! 

My "Berry Making Goodness" Smoothie!
 (frozen or fresh)
(frozen or fresh)
Green Apple
Strawberry Yogurt or Greek Yogurt
Ice to thicken
Water for a more liquid base or Almond Milk for a creamier taste

Blend them all together in your blender. Pour into a cute little bowl that is totally instagram-worthy. I sliced up more strawberries and apples that were left over and chopped up spinach into tiny pieces for garnish! Make your own design and eat up! WAIT....but first let me take a food selfie!

After a ton of really cute pics I ate it all up! It was sooooo good and for my first smoothie bowl I did a pretty good job, the taste superb, the pics ahhh breathtaking!!!  

Key Components to a Smoothie Bowl

Be mindful about how much you make because a little bit can add up to ALOT of calories and a really full stomach! Skip adding extra sugar because your fruits give you plenty and if you use nuts use them sparingly...them calories ladies!

Of course if you would rather just have a regular smoothie for a quick "on the go meal" thats cool too just put it in your fave cup and spice it up with a cute straw, Mmmmm delicious!

If you decide to do a smoothie bowl recipe I would love to see it!!!
Share it with me over on Instagram or Twitter!

In the comments below
Have you ever tried a smoothie bowl, How was it?
Haven't tried it yet, would you ever consider trying it!


  1. You're right- this is SUPER cute! I see these on the net all the time. We just bought a blender, so this will have to be on my to do list! I think we'll try almond milk to make it a bit more creamier.

  2. This sounds super yummy! I love smoothie bowls as you can pack so much more into them than regular smoothies in a glass!

    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  3. Super healthy and super yummy. Jasmine thanks for sharing darling. I think I need a smoothie bowl in my life right now, :))).

  4. I love your recipe :) Kiss Kiss from France, *-* Sand. *-*