Ipsy Bag Review: Prep School Chic!

Are you ready to get prepped for school with Ipsy's August Bag! This bag has everything you need to look fabulous for a night out partying it up before those dreadful pop quizzes! So in honor of school coming back for some of you I wanted to do a look that is perfect for school parties...the homecoming queen won't have nothing on you! 

Check out my last post on Essentials for Your Beauty Bag that also featured some of my Ipsy Goodies too! 

I'll be posting the video of this look this weekend...so stay tuned!
Start with the Basics
I start off by applying my fave foundation, concealer, and powder and if you don't already know my top picks just check out my Everyday Makeup Look! I highlight by using  a pigmented highlighter by Ofra Cosmetics, this thing is seriously LOVE!  I put this on my nose, chin, forehead, cheekbones  and cupid's bow. No bronzing for me I want my naturally round face to shine through! 

Moving on to my cheeks I took a peachy pink shade from my Elf Blush Palette in Dark to create just a hint of color on my cheeks. That's all you need for this look since you have a bold statement eye and lip!
#1 Tip for Teens!
 Being a teen you don't have to do all that highlighting, bronzing, baking, and clown face'n. Your face is at it's prime condition, protect it! Don't get me wrong makeup is fun to play with but love your features right now as they are. You have all the time in the world to sculpt your face and experiment with makeup later!

The New Eyeliner Trend 

Starting with the eyes I used a eyeshadow that is similar to my natural skin color just to cancel out any darkness on my eyelid. This also helpes to hold the cream eyeliner stay put for hours!
This eyeliner is a dark navy you can barely see the color on my lid but its a nice subtle hint of blue that gives the normal cat eye some edge! This color would look amazing against blue eyes! 

I received the Skinn Luxe Waterproof Eyeliner in my Ipsy Bag. This eyeliner claims to have an eraser on the other end and I didnt know it until today literally that it did! I tried it and it broke off some of my eyeliner ugh! I wouldn't recommend using that side lol! But on that same end, I dont know if this is what its meant for, but I used the blue tip to smudge the liner a little just so it can be a little messy but not too messy!  So if you want a smokey navy eye look this would be perfect for it! I used this to just fill in and smoke out the liner on the top and bottom lashes.  

Lip Drama 

For the lips I filled them in with Skone Cosmetics Luxe Doubler Eye and Lip Pencil in wine! Now I didn't even know you could put it on your eyes...until now ha! I obvi do not read everything on a label! But this wine color is very on trend for the fall. So you can rock it out as a wing on your lids or use it for your lips!
It stayed on all day and at the end of the day after taking it off, it left a lovely lip tint on my lips which I really like! This color is perfect for any skin tone and so on point with the 90's trend making a comeback!
I paired this look with a bold pop of color inspired by the lovely Style Sprinter, she loves her red lipstick and its gorgeous on her too! I used Hikari lipgloss in Salsa. This baby is very pigmented and it almost scared me when I put it on ha! It say's that is a high shine matte lipgloss...I dont know about matte but it is verrrrry shiny! I'm really loving this brand at the moment though! You can use this with or without a lip liner for a bold statement on its own!
To clean up the sides of my lips I used my Marsk Eyeshadow Brush! I like to be versatile with my brushes and sense this one is a firm brush it's not gonna be "flopping around" while trying to be precise! Just clean it up with a concealer preferably a cream concealer for an easy application. 

#2 Tip for Beginners!
Brushes can be used in many different ways so experiment and see what brush works best for you in different situations!
Beat the Frizz 

With the Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco I put this oil on the ends of my hair to keep it frizz free and conditioned!
#3 Tip for My Curly Haired Sista's!
Instead of putting  tons of moisturizers on your hair to keep it "frizz-fest" free use natural oils that won't  weigh your hair down! That way you can keep it bouncy and on point!
Now you are ready to party the night away...well unless you have curfew...then party until 11pm ;)
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Did you like this makeup look, Would you recreate it?
Ipsy Subscribers, What did you get in your ipsy Bag?


  1. Great job, lady! Love your tips and your makeup looks flawless!!


  2. I think you received the same bag I supposed to get. I haven't received mine yet :(
    The Color Palette

    1. Hopefully you'll get it soon! I always receive mine around the 15th of each month :)

  3. Loved this post!!

    You look amazing--love your tips! I definitely agree with you, making use of your brushes in different ways is something to look into as it may save you money. I've spent so much on brushes thinking I needed it for a specific reason, later I realized I could have used a similar product just a bit differently though.

    Kaleidoscopes & Polka Dots

    1. Thank youuu! Yes I do that allll the time it definitely saves on the amount of money spent just on brushes!

  4. This is another reason why I just want to order an ipsy bag!! That eyeliner looks so stunning, you look gorgeous!

    1. haha Yesss you should totally do it! Its only 10 bucks thats the only subscription I get because its so cheap lol! Thank youu!