National Girlfriends Day: Let's Talk Health!

Today is National Girlfriend Day!!!!

Text, Call, FB Message, even slide in your bff's DM and tell them all about
 National Girlfriend Day!
 If you never heard of this day you are soooo missing out! It's all about spreading awareness for women young and old about going to get check ups! 

The More Check up's you get the longer you live!

Girls we need to take our health seriously even while we are young! Although I'm about empowering women in their own skin whether thick or thin its still important to know that you deserve to be the best YOU possible. By taking care of your body you are showing that you love your body from the inside out!

So lets kick cancer in the butt, send high blood pressure limping away, and diabetes running for cover TOGETHER! We as women need to stick together and that means empowering each other to love ourselves  starting on the inside!

We have to take our health into our own hands. 

3 Tips for Getting healthy...Girlfriend Style!

1. Let's be Exericise Buddies!
Gym is never as fun, as it would be, without a friend sweating it out with you! There are so many cool classes out that you can't help but get excited. Drag your bff down with you so you both can get healthy and fit together! That way you can sooo where that dress you've been dying to steal from her!

2. Walk that Walk Ladies!
Walking is the most easiest thing you can do so why not chat and gossip outside walking around the block or downtown. Afterward you can totally get that Green tea from Starbucks!

3. Pass the Plate!
Have a girls night in with healthy treats! You can even have a awesome bake off to see who can make the best tasting healthy meal ever!

Team Up
I teamed up with Oscar Insurance to bring awareness to a much worthy cause! They are a new company that focuses on a healthcare experience that gives the best care to members by incorporating technology! As we are the technology generation this is so benificial! They incorporate health insurance and primary care assistance in your very own hands! Just think of Oscar as being  your very own family doctor! If you want to learn more about them, be sure to check out their individual health insurance plans in New Jersey and New York.

They created an infographic for Center for Disease Control and Prevention AKA CDC to help promote the need for women to help other women get check ups and get healthy! This is not all about getting fit but its about enhancing your quality of life. Seriously who wouldn't want to be rocking on their rocking share with their bff reminencing  about the good ole days when we're 90...eyebrows still on fleek too! 

National Girlfriends Day supports friendship, staying safe and living your best YOU!

My Challenge

All month long I'm going to promote healthy lifestyles choices!
 Each Sunday, I'll be sharing with you healthy snacks and meals that will get you on the right track! Exercise tips and tricks for even the laziest girls aka ME! Also I'll be sharing how other's stay healthy as well!

Share this post and get the discussion rolling about taking back control of our own health!
By detecting early signs of any health issue you are insuring quality of life for yourself and you girlfriends!  If someone is hurting their body in any way such as alcohol or drinking speak up let them know that you care!

Your Challenge
Tell me in the comments below
 How do you stay healthy! You may get featured on next weeks health post!


  1. love this post! every girl should read it :) xx, kenz

  2. So important to take care of our bodies from the inside out. Often times we are so fixtaed on the physical appearance and neglect the interior. Great post.

    1. Yes it definitely is I've been trying to do a lot better with my own health! The interior is the most important part of a good physical appearance! Thanks for reading :)

  3. I didn't know we celebrate this! How sad that my girlfriends are out of the country and some have engagements.

    Well, enjoy yours!

    1. haha I didnt know either until I was contacted by Oscar insurance! I think its so important for us as women to stick together! When you're girlfriends are back in town telling them about National Girlfriends Day and start talking about health ;)

  4. I've never heard of National Girlfriends day, but sounds awesome. I will be celebrating on Saturday. Healthy food is on the menu. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I've never heard of National Girlfriends day, but sounds awesome. I will be celebrating on Saturday. Healthy food is on the menu. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great reminders and tips! We all need #fitfriends!

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