Pretty Girly Haul + Shopping Tips!

 Today I felt like doing something different and share with you my little haul full of pretty things! This is my first haul ever so WOOP WOOP for trying something new! These knick knacks and goodies I got over the course of this month and last month and I just absolutely love them so I'll stop rambling and let you take a look at Little Haul

Quotable Folders
 to Brighten Your Day
I've seen these types of folders on Youtube by the lovely Sparlyblonde1 and when I found out they were at Marshalls I had to get me some! They came in a pack of 9 with all 3 of these quotes for only 5.99!!! Love it!

Gratitude is the best Attitude!
Also from Marshalls I got this absolutely cute Gratitude Notebook so I can write down everything I'm grateful for....LIKE YOU GUYS! I also seen in a mini bin full of clearance items this Essie nail polish in Meet the Parents for just $3...TOTAL STEAL! Don't worry I didnt actually still it but I love it and cant wait to get my nails done! Hmmm would you like to see another tutorial featuring this?? 

A Girls Best Friend
Speaking of Jewelery I had to share with you these cute dainty accessories! I won this necklace from Frou Frou & Frill a month ago hosted by the lovely Brittany from Southern Soul and have been absolutely loving it! I posted it on Instagram here as soon as I got it! I also went to a local shop and found these butterfly earrings. As you can obviously tell from my blog design this is basically my spirit animal hehe! 

 Odds and Ends and Everything in Between!
I also got some more things from various places. Like this contact lens case. When I seen it in Hobby Lobby I knew it was a match for me! Although it is picking more of a redish tone it is actually a hot pink with green and gold detailing! This is perfect for traveling!

While in Marshall's also in those clearance bins(I would seriously have gone broke if I didn't stop ha!) I got some new lip balms from Absolute New York. I was first introduce to them by Ipsy with the You are The Balm in Green Apple! The ones I got featured are Bubblegum and Strawberry but dont go and try to eat it! It just smells soooo good!

 I also bought a Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer that came in with the Too Faced Love Palette that was on sale! Don't worry a post will be up soon featuring this amazing palette ;)

 Gratitude for Happy Shopping! 
I love getting new things that don't cost so much and are, BONUS, on Sale!!! So when it comes to shopping for Pretty Girly Things go for dainty pieces such as whimsical jewelery like my butterfly earrings or dainty single pendant necklaces. Try the unexpected twist on your everyday uses from colorful contact lens case, quotable file folders, and pretty notebooks with a message! When it comes to beauty on a budget shop in the beauty bins of your local stores you can find some pretty awesome finds such as my super flavory lip balms or pastel nail polish that doesn't totally break your piggy bank! And when you really want to splurge wait till a good sale is going on or in my case have a subscription based box service that gives out amazing deals to your fave online store...your welcome ;)

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What is your last girly purchase?


  1. I love everything you bought. Especially all the pink goodness and the notebook. xx

    -Wildfire Charm

  2. I love your haul! Yes! Definitely do more of these posts. I love seeing what others are buying so I now what to shop for. LOL. I've recently become obsessed with Marshall's, too! I love that they have name brand beauty products dirt cheap, especially Essie! I love that Gratitude journal you bought and the file folders! Great finds!!

  3. I love hitting the stationery aisles of Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Home Goods--my weakness is stick notes! Lovely haul full of treats for yourself!

  4. These are such pretty items, especially the quote folders!

    Laura x

  5. Dang, I need to go to Marshalls! Love everything!

  6. So many cute things! I'll have to start looking for these on my next shopping trip.

    - Courtney

  7. Giiiirl! I need everything! <3 <3

  8. LOVE this post! You have such a unique and feminine style. #Inspiration ;)

  9. Wow awesome post! Such beautiful photos. I love everything you got.
    My latest girly purchase was from and I got 2 pretty packaged face masks, lip balm & lip/cheek stain. $10 all up, bargain!
    Sally x

  10. Beautiful photography in this post. Love the notebooks.

    <a href=">Lauren xxx</a>