Quick Everyday Makeup Tutorial


Lately I've been having to get out of the house fast so my everyday make up routine has decreased in time  and reduced in products dramatically! So here's my makeup look for one of those fast  moving days or for one of those lazy days when putting on makeup is to much of a hassle! 

Whats on My Face!  

When it comes to foundation I would rather skip the liquid and go for a foundation stick like Maybelline Fit Me shine free formula! They don't have a ton of shades for dark skin tones just 2-3 shades, literally, but this one fits my skintone quite well! If you are darker I suggest Black Opal or Bobby Browns for a cheaper and higher end alternative! 

Concealer is a must for me so Macs Studio Finish in NC 42  does the job! It's lighter for my skin tone so it highlights but also covers my dark spots. I'll powder using 2 different powders in light and a dark my Lorac Powder Oil Free Wet n Dry Powder in Dark and The Cover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous powder in Medium Deep. The Cover girl powder once again lacks in color range but it's perfect for under the eyes and its quite pigmented and doesnt rub off! I like using the sponge it comes with! An alternative would be Cover Girl Queen Collection Lasting Matte Powder!
Dark Spots No More: How I get rid of dark spots or bruises!
I have dark spots/bruises on my nose from when I wore too tight glasses so covering them up had always been quite a challenge but I finally found a solution! It's quite simple its all about light strokes and a light hand and ALOT of patients!

I use my concealer, MAC NC 42, as before because its a thick formula and not liquid! With a very light hand I put a little dab on my spots(sometimes I may need to add a little more) usually with a round concealer brush and let it sit for a few seconds and then I go in with my powder from my Lorac Foundation Powder in dark once again very lightly powder  my nose! And it covers it up perfectly!

 I almost forget my bruises are even their until I have to take my makeup off!

Eyebrows kinda on fleek!
I use an eyebrow powder from L.A. Colors Perfect Brow Kit in Medium for when I need to get out the house fast! I love that it has 3 shades so you can build up to your hearts content!

 I usually use the lightest shaded for the beginning of my brows and the deeper brownish grey into the middle section on down to my ends. Whenever I need the tail of my brows to be more on fleek I use the black! 

I'll set it with my Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Drama Mascara in Soft Brown..I'll be honest I tried to cut that ball off the end with scissors but to no avail! I fill like it doesn't fully coat the eyebrows unless that ball is out the way! I recommend my trusty Maybelline Great Lash Eyebrown Gel in clear!

Eyes so Bright!
For a quick look for the eyes I use a shimmer shadow that's almost my skin tone but just a little lighter. I got this Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Matte Bronzer in my July ipsy bag and I just knew it wouldn't be my skin tone but I never get anything from Tarte and this bad boy is a wopping $30! So I decided to use it as a eyeshadow and I wanted it to be at least a little pigmented…nope!  It gives my eyes  just a hint, literally just a hint, of shimmer because it is just suppose to be a bronzer!  

But if you are pretty pale I think this would look great on you as a bronzer even for the eye crease too! 

 I go back in with my eyebrow kit from L.A Colors and take one of the light shades and define my crease! I also add my Ofra Eyeshadow and Highlighter in Bliss (also from my July Ipsy Bag) to my inner tear duct to brighten my eyes up and to highlight anywhere elso on my face! I absolutely love this  product because it's super pigmented! Sometimes I'll swap the Tarte out with this one when I want a little more brightness and add a cat eye for a more fancy yet classy look!

Warning: Ofra Eyeshadow and Highlighter in Bliss is pretty pigmented don't drown in the Strobing technique!

When In doubt lash it out!
Mascara is important for this look to look like I put in some effort! I take 2 mascara first my Cover Girl Super Sizer which I'm loving by the way and Also my Wet n Wild Max Volume Mascara. Both together gives my lashes so much lift and volume! I've been loving putting them on my top and bottom lashes!

Blush my Way!
I use a natural blush in shades of mauve in my BH Cosmetics Shadow Blush Combo Palette. I think these colors work perfect on any skin tone! I also started using the E.L.F. Blush Palette in Deep and OMG...She is in love!

Color Me Lips!
With my lips I use a sheer tint that gives my face some color. I've  been using and loving my Be A Bombshell lipbalm  in ruby  for a little bit of a deep reddish orange hue!

So there you go everything I put on my face basically every day! I usually can get this look done within 10 minutes which is perfect when I'm running late! 

In the comments below
 What other makeup looks would you like to see more of?
Let me know how my video was too so I can get better!
What is your go-to product you definitely need for your everyday makeup look?


  1. I love your makeup look. Seems like a lot of products go into your quick version though. Very much of a minamalist as well, love the fresh fave look with a pip of colour on the lips. My favourite being bronzer, I just cannot go without it.

  2. I love your makeup look. Seems like a lot of products go into your quick version though. Very much of a minamalist as well, love the fresh fave look with a pip of colour on the lips. My favourite being bronzer, I just cannot go without it.

  3. Girrrrrl you look so good! This look is super cute when you wanna have a natural look. :D

    xo Jenn

  4. Your quick every day makeup look is seriously FLAWLESS. You are gorgeous with this minimal makeup look. I absolutely love it!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  5. Oh my goodness!! I WISH my make up could look as great as you do it!! Definitely following these tips :) thanks for sharing!!

  6. Gorgeous girl. I like how you look so natural and polished.

  7. Gorgeous!!!!! I loooovvveeeee that makeup tutorial! You are so incredibly good at it! Please upload more videos! I love those!!!!

  8. Great makeup tutorial! Love the flawless natural look - such a subtle glow to your face I love it!