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One Act of Kindness Could Change the World

A Little Spark of Kindness can put a colossal burst of Sunshine into someone's day!

What could one act of kindness, one act of love do for someone? 
Well Olga Garajeva knows all to well.  Olga shared a story with Isaya from Remember Her over on her post and I wanted to share it with you all for our Soul to Soul Series

Olga Garajeva was on a train one night, mind you where she is from strangers do not talk to others especially on a train, While Olga was minding her business she noticed a girl hop on the train with a huge box filled with delicious pastries. Instead of keeping them all to herself she decided to ask others if they wanted some! Instead of strangers simply looking away they started asking for a pastry! One by one hands started to reach over for a taste of the delicious treat.

 Hungry souls were being filled physically but also spiritually! 

Olga asked the girl why she would hand out treats to people on the train and girl simply replied back saying:

 "I work at a bakery and when we don't sell the pastries we throw them away. I've been in a point in my life when I didn't know when I was going to eat again, some people are lucky, they are hungry at work but they know when they go home they will eat; other people are hungry but they don't know when's the next time they'll have something to eat, so instead of throwing them away I prefer giving it to people who are hungry." 

Oh Taste and See that The Lord is Good!

The amazing part about this story is that others started to share their stories, mind you strangers do not talk to others on this train EVER! They started sharing stories of how they have helped others who were less fortunate! 

As Olga got off the train she felt a since of happiness that was unlike anything else before. That day wasn't particularly the best with fog overshadowing the streets but because of that one act of kindness by someone else the world somehow seemed more beautiful than before! 

I spoke about the Butterfly Effect  before and how one act of kindness could change the world and this ladies and gents is a story of proof to you that the effect is real! The Butterfly Effect is stronger than ever before and you can be apart of it! 

3 Links to Inspire your Acts of Kindness

We are all Superheros....Rescue Someone Today ;)

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. I try my best to be mindful to do something kind to others. Not because you want something back, but because it could transform someone's world.

    1. You are soooo right its not about us its about the bigger picture! Thank you :)

  2. Thank you for this, this is the clarification I needed to push me to get blogging again. I had let my blog wain somewhat for a few weeks, as I just struggle with traffic. This has given me a boost, to start again and keep going and doing what I love and be patient. Thank you Dawn x