Summer Days and Denim Blues!

I hate to admit it but summer is almost over! We are transitioning into 60 and 70 degree weather and leaves will start falling to the ground....Ahhh I have know idea if I'm ready but we might as well get ready!!! This Fall I want to showcase amazing new fashion fall trends that are making a comeback! As we transition I want to help you transition from summer to fall seamlessly! 

 I've always been the type of person to work with what I had. I never been afraid to go to vintage shops and Goodwills to get the desired look from celebrities and fashion magazines alike. Not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spend on the latest new midi skirt or rock out to that new cape trend. Sometimes you have to go for that sale, sometimes you have to search your closet and figure out what works and what doesn't! 

This past week I've been helping my mom come up with different looks with what she had in her closet because "she claimed" she never have anything to wear so I looked through her closet and found over 30 versatile outfits that can literally be changed whenever and however. I thought if I can do that for my mom I can do that for myself and YOU GIRLS! So no more will I go out seeking to ravage my bank account but instead go out with the idea in mind...What can I buy that will enhance clothes that I already got in my closet!

 From Jackets, to dresses, to sweaters, to denim, even crop tops I got you covered for this fall while keeping you still a budget friendly fashionista...your welcome ;) 

Get Ready for my Newest Series Hunt 4 Fashion! Where I help you hunt for fashion in your own closet and find sales that will help you embody that fashion blogger you always look up to and bring the Goodwill and vintage shops to the forefront of everyone's mind. You don't need a whole lot to become best dressed where ever you go! 

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What's Your fave new Trend for the fall?


  1. I'm actually the complete opposite and can't wait for the Summer to be over. Probably because it's pretty much warm here all year round but Summer is just unbearable! The hat is my favorite part of the outfit - I'm always so jealous of people who can pull off hats - I look so weird in them.

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  2. you look great in this outfit Jasmine I love how you added another blouse under the top
    The Color Palette

  3. I really love those pants! I want a pair so bad. They look super comfy and stylish :)

  4. Very cute colourful outfit!

    Agnes x

  5. You have great style and I love this outfit! I'm sad that summer is ending but I'm looking forward to fall dressing XX

    The Fashion Road

  6. loving your retro look dear.You always look so beautiful!:)

  7. My fav fall fashion trend is booties! I can't get enough of them:) can't wait to see your future posts girly!


  8. Super cute! Love how you styled it all, especially with the hat! Fab! xox Christine

  9. This is such a great look! So chic!

  10. This is such a cute look! Your makeup is also stunning! I am so looking forward to fall and the cooler temperatures. The fall trend I am looking forward to are pleated skirts!