The Secret to Becoming a Breakfast Person!

I used to hate eating during the morning time especial when I was on the latest fad diet back in school! I've learned over the years that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It sets how healthy you will be all day!

When I eat a good meal in the morning with healthy fruits I feel so energized! When they say your metabolism revs up its so true! It keeps you from crashing from those 2 cups of coffee that you scoffed down before work. But you can't just put anything into your mouth and expect to feel great after morning time. Nope you have to pick the right stuff and that's when it can get frustrating! This past week I've been really trying to eat a well balanced meal in the morning times I did happen to get 2 days this week perfect! Don't judge me haha! Its tough starting out but I'm trying to make a commitment to myself not to quit! If I'm at work and I'm around food I wind up eating whats in there but the problem is its the wrong kind of food.

My Challenge
 For the next week  instead of stuffing french toast or bacon and eggs into my mouth, because I'm starving, I will opt for the fruits that my work has laid out for me! I'll even instagram some of my healthy choices for that week!

When I did manage to eat healthier I took notes from an IG account called @OMGIMFAT! No this IG'er isnt making thick people feel bad its giving us all, even skinny people, because yall know yall don't be eating that healthy haha, a way of eating healthy yet it be delicious! I was so motivated I bought an avacado and I NEVER EAT AVOCADOS! 

Tips to Becoming a Breakfast Eater!

1.Get Your Fiber On!
I need my fiber like the older people need it haha, tmi ok, I'll stop!
Fiber riched foods can be oatmeal, whole wheat bread, and of course your fruits and veggies!
2.Get Protein and Get Lean!
Protein helps you stay energized longer and it gets you being a lean mean breakfast eater machine!
Protein Infused foods include yogurt, especially greek yogurt, peanut butter, and milk!

3.Make you Breakfast Insta-gramable!
When in doubt Instagram it out! I Instagram one of my meals here! I made it all cute as bloggers normally do and I actually ate it! It was soooo good! Simple but so easy. By creating a healthy plate in the morning worthy of Instagram who wouldn't want to eat Breakfast!

I decided to eat my breakfast with some veggies...have you ever tried an orange tomato, SO DELICIOUS!

4.Color Your Plate
I love to add lots of color to my plate! Fruits and veggies are perfect for this! Literally you can put all the colors on the rainbow on your plate thats all fruits if you want too!

I made these Berry Pancake Skewers from my Seventeen Magazine from the Sept. 2014 issue! Try it with whole wheat pancakes, strawberries, and honey for that healthy but "oh so delicious" taste! 

5.Smoothies are for Breakfast too!
This is another thing I love doing! Instead of drinking coffee I pack lots of fruits into a blender and blend it out! I like to put it in a coffee mug to act like I'm drinking coffee in the morning ha!
Drifter & the Gypsy has a smoothie hashtag going on called #smoothieswithstyle and I sooo want to be apart of it! 

In The Comments Below
Tell me what's your favorite food for Breakfast?


  1. I love the idea of making it Instagram worthy. You'd actually be inspired to make it, post it and of course eat it. I'll try that. I love a healthy breakfast anyways. But I'm in a hurry often times (sadly) and live on protein bars and coffee. Great tips. Bookmarked, :)).

  2. I used to be horrible at eating breakfast---I would skip it all the time! But, I started eating fresh fruit in the morning and it's made a world of a difference with my energy levels! Thanks for all the lovely tips <3
    She Will Be
    She Will Be

  3. Great idea! Love your choices for breakfast too. Looks so yummy! *makes a mental note to come to yours your breakfast*